Orisons of Glory: Part 7

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. Yep. Just buy the aqua and be happy.
  2. It's all extra free stuff for doing what we always do.
    Just say thanks and accept the freebies graciously.
  3. I wasn't complaining. Simply noting what I saw. It's great! I wanted others to see the ratio. Happy kawing yall 
  4. Cost on Horns n Sods are out of line...and cost of circles isn't a good deal either
  5. They're actually all in perfect correlation if you do the math on them.

    So 30 stones = 10 circles
    100 circles = 300 stones
    300 stones compared to 170 for sod is a .5666 ratio

    While 59 nobs to 100 nobs (normal circle to seal costs) is a .59 ratio. So actually it's a better deal on seals.

    Then, 30 stones gets you 10 circles, 10 circles is 10 nobs

    This 30 stones for circles is a little above the xtal cost of 20 stones which is equal to 10 nobs.

    Then, the xtal to sod ratio is 20:170 which is 0.118 (3 sig figs)

    While the normal xtal to sod ratio is 10:59 which amounts to 0.169 (3 sig figs)

    The devs are about as exact as you can get on the ratios compared to normal prices.

    Now on the other hand, buying pickaxes for stones is not a good deal, but that's a chance drop so that's your choice
  6. Even buying a pickaxe, you get at minimum 30 for 15 nobs, which is again equal to 1.5 xtals, same as the nob cost would have been
  7. Yep. Exactly. Buying a pickaxe gets you your money back if you're buying the right thing
  8. Im wondering why your not combined the items in the events its pissing me off im trying to reach a certain point and your not doing your job properly
  9. So this event is gonna be extended to Monday or Tuesday, right? To give the PVP'ers a full weekend, correct?
  10. Probably not. They already had 2 weekends.
  11. In the following events will they continue to throw "Forge Stones"?
    Its good idea but I need more stones to get xtals, To know if I use them now or I can save them for the next event.??? :?: :?:
  12. Its highly unlikely that they will keep them around. This sort of thing is usually only for one event, so i would use them now.
  13. No event keys to open event chests. Please fix.
  14. Or picks to open geodes WTF!!
  15. More tiers are needed between the 40k level n the top 100, say top 250 n top 500
  16. Stats on EQ decreased upon upgrading 
  17. Why EQ stats decrease on my breastplate when enchanted?! 
  18. I was kicked off the server, had to remove and reload app... then when I finally DID get back on all my choices for Opal and Stone purchases were gone. Will I be getting compensated? Will they be reloaded?
  19. Let us use forge stones for another 24 hrs and fix eq. Ty
  20. Rewards are a bit wrong.... guys