Orisons of Glory: Part 7

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  1. Cliffs notes Grant. Less fantasy please
  2. Enchantment Stones = Forge Stones. Please amend to avoid further confusion.
  3. I see spelling mistakes
  4. I opened 2 of those crystal geodes myself. Got 37 and 32 stones out of them. So I would have to open 5 of them to buy a single seal. Equals 75 nobs... Great deal, devs 
  5. A year ago or so, there was a petition about allowing players to earn Crystals/other items from EBs.
    It suggested that players earn two different types of items from epic battles and they could be combined to from health crystals!

    While the devs haven't implemented the exact idea, they've tweaked it and introduced a way to make SoDs and other premium items from events. Pretty neat if you ask me.
    Glad to see the developers trying to shake things up and change the event format.
  6. I have been trying to find this out too. Does anyone know?
  7. Once again devs favor the Hansel build... You said the opal of labour was fair and will be done by activity. Well my main is atk build and hits more then my Hansel... Yet my Hansel has doubled my main in the opal of labour already
  8. Same! It says up to 600 so I was reeled in... didn't think I'd get 3 in a row in the 30s..
  9. I opened 2 geodes for 39 & 49 stones....88...but still would probably need at least 2 more to get to buy 170....so basically spend $6.00 or $7.50 to buy something set at $6.00.....and 30 stones to buy 10 aevum pieces when $1.00 does the same. Makes no sense to anyone with half a brain
  10. I opened 4 stone with two different account and got all in the 30's.
  11. Is anyone else getting a weird error message for the opals of conflict? The title for the stones is literally "Super Long Item Yeep Yeep"?
  12. Hahaha, that's kind of funny in a sad way.
  13. Or can we talk about the fact that the top 10 opal of conflict reward is 1 aqua?
  14. Yup, just got top hits and top plunder and yet a towered hansel earned more drops. This is part of the reason why I'll never spend on this game again.
  15. So far the crystal geodes have been a rip off. Opened 4 and all in the 30's!
    Not the cleverest way to encourage the community to spend.
  16. Means this event is for those who can pay u? Coz if i can't buy pickaxe than those items i have collected is waste!
  17. Yeah I think I have to be done spending money on this game too... enough is enough already
  18. I'm liking the reward setup for lab opals. I've been fairly active @ around 1k+ EB actions per day & made about 2.5k. I'm only a 25mcs spy heavy hybrid with a cpl towers so it's good to see myself ranked decently for activity at least, if only for a small part of this event.
  19. The drop rate of blood rubies or whatever is pathetic. Almost five years of kingdoms at war and you devs still don't want us to hit each other, hilarious. Sorry that actual warring takes away from your hte, zta fest. I'll probably be re retiring at this rate.
  20. Kaw has been around for more that 5 years.

    And i believe if you hit bigger people, you get more drops from them.