Orisons of Glory: Part 7

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. As usual ATA have screwed things up, EBs are dropping Opals of Triumph instead of Opal of Success.
  2. I blame Mario. 
  3. Probably Rusted, maybe Mario picked up the error and was canned for being smarter than your average Ape
  4. Keepers boxes? Undeniable proof that these are indeed copy and paste events!!
  5. I think that's what happened.

    Mario was like, hey, there is an error, lets delay for 5 minutes...

    Next moment he's being slung out of the window. 
  6. I don't even the either key in the market place
  8. All your hard work and efforts are not wasted, unnoticed, and in vain. We appreciate everything! <3

  9. They should be there. Its like a red/yellow star thing on the end of a key.
  10. While I'm interested in seeing how several changes they've implented this event work out, I noticed this straight away too...still just another copy, paste event with sum numbers & pictures changed mostly.
  11. Are you guys ever going to get tired of this? At this point, it's ridiculous. 7 freaking parts. Damn
  12. Wow more nobs to open a box. Way to kill the vibe devs, glad to see you care about the majority of players who can't afford to pay
  13. So confusing 
  14. What do you want to know?
  15. They look like Opals of Success (golden yellow in colour) but have the incorrect name. Opals of Triumph are reddish.

  16. Anybody else feels overwelmed?
  17. The box offers crap rewards also.
  18. It's a simple concept. Instead of pacing yourself and your money so to reach the top on-leaderboard rank in the event over the next two weeks, they want you to go through 2 day spending sprints for the other prizes. It's them saying, "Crap, more people are leaving and more will follow after our new land release, let's see if these sprints make us more money from the players that we have left that love to blow money!"

    Honestly, unless you feel like hopping a train, wasting xstals and nobs for the two day sprint mini-events, than treat this event just like you did the last one.
  19. Still waiting for the building tokens.....
  20. Devs you's are lower than a snakes belly 