Orisons of Glory: Part 6

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  1. I was just using ZTA as an example for paying eb vs drops.

    There are two parts to this event. Collecting scales for equip and collecting the favours. If they make the drops comparable to LOTL/GOTH rotation that just makes it too 'easy'. The whole point is to pick which path to follow. Regular event, equip or both. It seems they've made choosing one is the most beneficial and the easiest. Going for both is naturally going to be harder.

    Basically, you can't have your cake and eat it too. ToW was introduced into this event for the scale drops. It wasn't introduced for the event drops. You run ToW for the benefit of receiving the most scale drops.

    If event drops are increased on ToW then scales need to be increased on all other regular ebs. That just makes the introduction of ToW a pointless one.

    As for difficulty, the difficulty in the ToW ebs is reflected by the amount of scales they drop. As it should be as that's the point of running those ebs.

    I understand your point in that you want to be able to chase both sides of the event. However people are used to LOTL and GOTH rotations dropping the most items in every event that they assume anything else has to benefit just as much. There's more to this event that the 'regular' ones. As such, more work should be involved if you wish to focus on both paths.

    ToW is made for the scales. Increasing favour items only decreases the 'value' of that eb so to speak.
  2. I understand that it is basically 2 different events, but they have also intertwined them by making the means of enchanting the scale equipment a reward by the main event, of course you can enchant it based on the reward level reach.

    But I respectfully disagree with your conclusion, as lotl and goth are free ebs, you are paying to run these ebs and quite nicely I will add,so rewards for main event should be better as well imo. If they (tow series) were free to play then yes I could agree. So I still would love to actually hear ATA's thoughts on this!! :)
  3. Yes, you're paying for the eb. But you're paying for the scale drops NOT the event drops.

    Again, not everything has to be comparable or just as beneficial of the GOTH and LOTL rotation. That is the best free rotation for the event and will reward you with the most items. And it will continue to do so in this event.

    If you want scales though, you sacrifice some of your event drops.

    You can't expect every event to benefit your GOTH and LOTL rotation. I understand it's not ideal. But now you understand what it's like for others who don't get to run that rotation yet.

    I definitely understand what you're getting at but have to disagree.
  4. Lol, well we agree on one thing, to disagree. ;)
  5. Of course big spenders can handle both drops.

    just spend more $$ if u want both
  6. Also, we have been that clan that couldn't run that rotation, and have worked hard to grow from the bottom up (beginning with 2mcs), so I do understand what its like not to run goth/lotl rotation! And I'm not complaining about the goth/lotl rotation although more scale drops for it would be nice and actually a better option since its free ebs! :)
  7. They'd have to increase scale drops on free ebs as well if they increased event items on ToW.

    It would make the ToW ebs pointless to run.

    Perhaps 1x GOTH, 1x LOTL and 1x ToW fiendish would work for you? That's 2k scales and 2k favours (approx) every 12 hours.
  8. Your logic is absent. There is no direct equation here. Tis unfounded and unfactual when you say they'd have to increase scale drops on free ebs if they increased event drops in TOW ebs. What a load of crap. The other guy is right. Fiendish should drop equal event drops as GOTH/LOTL as it is equal difficulty. Paid ebs should make 40k not only doable, but easy to achieve.
  9. I was just looking at their eb histories and time providing a possible example to incorporate both :roll:

    It isn't unfounded, actually. ToW is run for the SCALES. Not the event items. If you increases event items on ToW then logic dictates to also increase scale drops on the rest of the ebs. Fair is fair. Regular ebs aren't run for the scales so if you're gunna increase on one, you increase on the other.

    And as I've already stated, the difficulty in fiendish is reflected in the amount of scale drops. As it should be because that's why the eb has been introduced and that's what you're paying for.
  10. Thanks, I tried your advice. sadly the ring not showing in mage to be clicked an maxed, clicking from my pro no longer gives the option to enchant at lvl 4 yet the name of ring clearly says tier 5 so I'm not sure why it's not working maybe it's the code idk but since support not answering e-mails an the new ticket system doesn't have a spot to upload ss Im not sure what I'm supposed to
  11. I think you need to have the ring unequipped to upgrade it to the shoulders.

  12. Ok, clarification is in order.

    • Enchantment Level 4 is tier 5.
      Level 0 counts as tier 1.
      In order to convert to the next equipment, you must have the required amount of pieces.
      Also, it must be unequipped.
  13. when you enchant the ring to level 4 that = level 5 or tier 5. to get the shoulders. you must have 2k scales, and max lvl4 ring. unequip the ring. then go and purchase the shoulders.
  14. What about the warriors who dedicated warring 24/7 u not giving them karmolas scale.. No way to enchant the ring to harpoon rip.. Devs ruined it again.. Eb fairies getting 3type of event drops.. And war dedicated peoples getting on 2 type of warriors.. U didn't added karmolas scale to upgrade ring for war dedicated people
  15. We need a new rewards model. These equip drops need to be in the game longer, instead of having some random *god tier* equipment drop at the end of an event series why not make the next series (after orisons) come with all the regular event drops and have one massive piece of equip like this harpoon be attained over each part of the series.
    So instead of having a two week dash to get this new harpoon for example why not implement a system where "scales" (or whatever it may be) are earned over the entire course of all 5 orisons events giving players more time?
    It would imo feel more rewarding having worked through orisons part1-6 to get this new equip rather than obtaining it in just two weeks..
  16. Still no conclusion from the Devs about start of the event.
    Either the event started too late or the event clock isn't counting down correctly. In case of the 1st... our eb that ended after when previous events started, should have gotten event drops. Please fix this Devs/Mods.
  17. That was very helpful. Thank you
  18. This event did not start at the normal time, nor will it end at the normal time. It started at 5:30pm PST instead of 3pm PST and so will end at 5:30 instead of 3.
  19. At page 1 you can see Devs said this event will end at 12pm PST... that's why I said that either event started too late of the event clock is wrong.
  20. Nobs for eb nobs for key can't we have a key for plunder too