Orisons of Glory: Part 6

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. Did anyone check previews. Maxed out harpoon gives over 1b stats. Devs overdone themselves.
  2. What Devs really did wrong here, was start the event too late. Or the event clock isn't correct... Because that doesn't stop at 12 PST at all (unless of course, Canada shifted into another timezone to be further away of Trump :) ).
  3. Is the staff and harpoon both same slot equip? Weapon or off hand or both are for different slots one for weapon the other for off hand????

    Reply plz ty
  4. How rare is the kralmora's scale to drop on free EBs? Does it really drop at all? How rare would it be to make it pay-to-get?
  5. Canada emigrated to the south Pacific...

    PST - PacificSouthTime
  6. How are. Small players sopoused to enchant without mage
  7. The 2000 silver bars/items would solve that. It's not that expensive to unlock half of highlands and upgrade the castle to level 3.
    Really, you don't have to worry about upgrading it right now because low-tier equipments are easily outdated/obsolete within 3+ months. This game only has 3
    directions: grow, hoard
    or pay-and-relax.
  8. Where are you seeing previews at?
  9. The ring is maxed at lvl 4 atm n cant change it with shoulder as it requires lvl 5. Mage says lvl 4 is maxed on the ring n does not allow to enchant to lvl 5
  10. You also need 2000 scales. Maybe that's the problem.
  11. I read that contents of Mariner's box are equal to or could exceed 25 nobs. I opened one (by accident!) and it contained 9 Mariner Charms which sell for 2 nobs each....9x2=18 which is LESS than the 25 nobs I used. Was this a glitch?
  12. Cant upgrade my ring to get shoulders.
  13. When I saw tide of woe in my news feed I thought we had gotten a shark eb
  14. Looks like ATA need more money from us. Typical nobs-eb 
  15. Drop rate on the nob ebs is absolutely ridiculous expected way more to say it's a pay to play eb
  16. On crushing I received 1.5k scales so it's pretty good.
  17. Event tab. Then preview tab. Very bottom hit view. Maxed wand is at bottom. But here is a screenshot incase you can't find it.

  18. I have same issue
  19. Once you have a tier 5 ring and i believe 2,000 of the items, scroll down in the marketplace and purchase the shoulders.

    Also, just checking. Will unused pieces for the new eb be refunded at the end of the event?
  20. isnt reg ebs supposed to drop scales too? we didnt got any from our lotl.