Orisons of Glory: Part 6

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. why the change? Up until now, we hv been rewarded with event items for ebs that hv been running when event begins?
  2. How do you join?
  4. You would think that'd be common sense but then again common sense isn't that common any more.
  5. I may have been wrong of course
  6. Question....if you exchange ring for shoulder, will I be able to buy another ring to fill my equipment slot? Need to know so I can decide whether or not to keep this after another ug...
  7. I'm not sure I understand, so we get the serpent gear to level and then get scales to enchant? Or does it come to us at level 0 and we enchant it from there?
  8. Any particular reason why this offhand has lesser stats than even rings? Or u guys just screwed up?
  9. Get it at no enchantment, uses only scales to enchant. It goes to level 5 then you can trade it and a set number of scales for next eq
  10. May be it's just screwy lol
  11. War didn't give any items for everyone
  12. I'm mainly just disappointed that the devs overlooked this opportunity to give us snakeskin boots equipment.
  13. I opened a maniners box got 9 charms thought the box was to give egual to 25 nobs
  14. To ata the events are ok but it seems pretty stupid if i can make 2000sb for only getting 2000 event items but the payout for 15k is only 2750 is actually ridiculous maybe if you increased the payout actually evenly say 5k sb or so then ppl might actually buy xtals to get better rewards. Just my opinion
  15. Support missed a prime opportunity here 
  16. The difference in equipment between 2k and 40k is drastic. Not to mention the value of crux chests which is more useful that sb. When I was just a mear 60mcs I made 7t off max crux, more than sb. The increases are pretty fair when you factor in all rewards. It could be argued that 25 to 40k is pretty useless but from 2k to 25k it is reasonable.
  17. Thanks for the support Vamp.

    I think the community is losing sight of the greater dev negligence here. Is it a retread of old man? Of course it is. Does it cost more than we'd like? Yup.

    But freakin snakeskin boots man! That's the real loss.
  18. Is the thing a trinket? Or is it a weapon/off hand?
  19. I liked the way the enhanced ZTA was set up. First one was free then rest cost. Think that format was better for people who can't sink a lot of money into this game but still want to play and earn rewards.
  20. Another Paying EB?