Orisons of Glory: Part 5

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. Event eb drops are last event and war drops are last event. Start being thinking apes ffs its not that hard.
  2. A hunt for newb like me.
  3. we need a aqua inferno event please
  4. So many people complain yet still participate in the events. Don't like them? Quit. KaW will still function if some of you whiners stop playing. I'd sure be willing to bet you enjoy the rewards lol.
  5. No doing this event! FED UP OF KINGDOMS AT EVENTS
  6. I would be pissed off if I had invested a lot of time collecting the Prizmai equipment... the stats last a couple/few months before they're replaced with something much better from a new event. That's like building a brand new house only to watch a skyscraper begin construction next door. 
  7. Yet another quality control FUBAR from the dev apes! Seriously, kids, not only do you STILL have assassin misspelled in your banners but let's face it: this is a non-event. All you've done is copy the same template. You've added no value to the CAMPAIGN, no backstory, nothing compelling, interesting or new. These are no events, so stop calling them events, it's nothing special. YOU CAN'T EVEN DO SPELLCHECK!

    How many more reports of bad quality releases do you need before it sinks in: YOU ARE GETTING COMPLACENT! Your CUSTOMERS are getting BORED. We are also getting tired of LAZY releases. Are you even trying to work a real business plan?

    Do something new! Produce something interesting!

  8. How rare are the moonless boxes.... I haven't had one drop yet. Last event I got one every 25 hours. Just wondering thanx for the help..
  9. Here we go again lol so many stupid copied events. Apes seem lost Thier minds.

    Even my kids can come up with better events n wars events for those wages u get lol...

    If u guys keeping at this pace u will loose more customers.. ;0
  10. Instead of passing some useless comments, why don't you suggest some Event to Developers. Jedi-Maestro did open a thread in that regard.
    Just share your idea there :)
  11. How about the free land's again, that was pretty cool ?

  12. They haven't fixed it for PC. :lol: Maybe the Rilaba Monks had trouble with spelling too.
  13. I think the event payouts for silver bars, inferno, and aqua should be increased because getting 40k items requires a lot more work than getting 10k the event payouts need to be increased to have payouts correlating to the amount of effort that is put in.
  14. War equipment always lookin sexy gj devs 
  15. A lot of us agree that the continuous back to back two week events are BORING!! The events were fun to compete in when they were occasional and lasted no more than a week.

    It was fun to try to make top 10 or 100. However now most of us just don't care. Lots of big spenders are retiring or just occasionally hitting ebs as they know in a few weeks the equipment they just got will be obsolete.

    No more cool banners to win just silver bars to jack up ally prices. No clan loyalty just hop clan to clan to meet target for events.

    No more anticipating event or fun wars. Just repetitive tapping for soon to be replaced equipment.

    Devs, PLEASE. Wake up and listen to the players! Nothing lasts forever but there are still some of us who hope you can still bring life back to this game.
  16. The silence from the devs is deafening, good suggestions and concerns are falling by the wayside...one improvement would be either an increase to the top drop, or guarantee of the maximum drops, for folks who didn't hop around during an EB and were loyal n dedicated to the success of their clan throughout an EB. I/we gladly accept hoppers to help at the end of EBs, but I wince when I see them getting more drops than someone who finishes higher on the history n put in 2-4 times as many successful actions
  17. To be a bit more specific, the drops to my accounts can vary by 200 at times, despite the fact my accounts with normally finish in succession...there needs to be more consistency n less "let the chips fall where they may" randomness
  18. how would i view the event on a pc? ive looked everywhere but cant seem to find a tab or anything to view what ive collected and my standings in the event.
  19. What happened to the event stories? I enjoyed reading each chapter.
  20. How long before the next event  XD