Orisons of Glory: Part 4

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  1. No eb to go with it
  2. Not that I don't understand the complaints; but the same complaints have been made at the start of every "new" event for years now.

    Devs don't care about what it does to smaller clans. Devs don't care that you fall behind if you aren't active for an event. You are wasting your time.
  3. Why the hell am I still getting moon bricks?
  4. Lol your whole clan got em hahahha how bow dahh
  5. Lets have another summer wars....that was a fun "event"
  6. Having the team take a look into this now. Not sure what happened just yet.
  7. Getting really old now dev. Tell you what do what other games do hold there events one a month or 2 months apart.
  8. What do you want the devs to do? I swear, y'all give them such grief. Events are a great way to grow faster. People complain about the gap between lb and everyone else. They complain about eb payout. They complain about cost of nobs. If you don't want to do the events, just. Don't. If you end up with rewards, don't equip them. (I guess you don't have a choice about the plunder bonus. You can volley transfer the extra gold to me if it makes you feel better.)
  9. I'll take the gold as well. Lol
  10. Maybe Up the Silver Bar Count For Future Events???Surprised Hasn't Been Done Yet. Just A Suggestion.
  11. Any reason there is no amounts posted for enchant levels on the banner?
  12. Pretty sure this is absolutely unnecessary. All it would do is put more unneeded gold into the economy. While I'm happy getting 4t+ each event, I'd almost rather just get 1t. It's too much. And I don't place in the top bracket.
  13. How to I join
  14. You join the event by participating in events and/or wars, that'll drop event items. You can get more info about event items drop from EB's in my guide in the Strategy section. Opting in on the PvP Blitz will also get you event items! :)
  15. Will Shoulders of Clan's Pride be among the equipment receiving stats increase???
  16. I actually like the events and especially the pvp weekends!! Only thing that I don't feel is cool is this. So you have the pvp and war at the same time. I feel you should not be able to opt into both the war and pvp. It makes it hard on the ones that only do the pvp. What happens is not only do you get the dtw you then get the can't hit cause they are in war. Don't think it's a true pvp weekend for event then.
  17. Its too much for you because you are smaller than trumps male parts. For bigger players the silver bar rewards are nothing. 4 unloads on eb pays the same.
  18. Kinda proving my point.
  19. Is it me or is participation a lot lower this time
    I'm over 40k items ranked early 500s
    I normally come in around 700-800
    Is this due to the 25% increase
    Just floating it out there
  20. Participation is lower because fewer people care anymore. Let's speak truthfully: these are no longer events. Stop calling them events. Events are special, this is just the new normal for KaW. Call them campaigns if you like or dispense with all pretense and label them fundraising drives for the ATA retirement fund.

    Either way, it's the same thing cut and pasted over and over. No originality, no compelling backstory, nothing but slogging through the exact same EBs and wars that are now rendered meaningless outside the feeling that you're on a hamster wheel. As they say, familiarity breeds contempt.

    Maybe it's time to try something different!