Orisons of Glory: Part 2

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  1. You're correct you don't see why. It has pretty much nothing to do with plunder, and everything to do with event item rewards. I can earn nearly the same from bc hansels than I can per hte already.
  2. Also on the subject of PvP..

    Where is it? 
  3. Opt in is in the alchemist.

  4. No event tab?
  5. Do you really need the event tab this early? Is it ever different?
  6. I keep hoping the rewards have changed.. like I do every week. Only opted in to see if the tab would come up after opt in.

    otherwise I'll just ignore it and hit paperbad 
  7. So..question. Currently, I'm leading the weekend lion-thing at 46 lions. Assuming I can hold on and get both 50 and at least top 100, do I get both rewards?

  8. No, you get the highest tier you earned, in your case top 10.
  9. Ouch. On the one hand, that's kind of dumb. On the other hand, maybe I can safely sleep and work my shifts without a care in the world now, since 46 almost guarantees top 100, which is more than the 50 lions reward. You'd almost expect it to stack (to clarify, stacking the best 'top' reward with the highest 'flat' reward earned, especially since they have two separate achievements tied to them).

    Thanks for the clarification. I can sleep in peace now (you're welcome to the broadsword. I don't need it, and I stole them from folks anyways).
  10. I would, but you're waayyyyyy below my hit range :)

    You could argue that they should all stack...
  11. Depending on zta activity the entry for top 100 will be 55-65
  12. Can i have a real explanation devs why my pl bonus from first part orisons of glory has suddenly dissapeared while some other ppl still benefit of it i still had fair time on it this doesn't seem fair at all.
  13. I don't get it
  14. How many favor of hyndemara do people have? I've got 306 but only been playing KaW for a week
  15. Still no compensation for 5 days without the oracle queen key at marketplace.
    Devs give me 5 gold Oracle queen keys!
  16. Have you emailed support?
  17. Thanks so much for the event devs!!!
  18. The haunting