Orisons of Glory Part 2 Event Drops

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Choccy, Nov 30, 2016.

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  1. TS drops holy water
  2. The thread has been updated, thank you very much everyone! :)
  3. Goth Zoma drop the same which suks
    Can't do Goth /Zoma rotation anymore
    So no1 gets Lev10 to fast?
  4. To the chamber drops eyes.... Little Samurais
  5. AFF now drops eyes.
  6. Scionic Storm drops Hag's Eye, I don't know what the max is...
  7. The max drop for Scionic Storm seems to be 378 event items (from past events). However, if you experience that this has changed or you get a higher drop, please let me know :)

    Thanks for helping out guys, the thread has been updated! :)
  8. Sporavek's Revenge drops Holy Water Phial, I got 324 of them, it shall be close to the max
  9. Trying to find a good rotation for my clan. Our req. Cs is 20m but some are under any suggestions?
  10. Aff has changed to eyes, it was water the first day of event. Can a Dev please post what the Ebs in the scrag series will be dropping? Smoke Signals, The Summoner, A Familiar Foe, and A Sacrifice Of Flesh.
  12. Thank you. The thread has been updated! :)
  13. Do u have a guide 4 current event like this @CHOCOLAT3
  14. why not make one yourself?
  15. See my clan page for list.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.