Orisons of Glory Equipment Changes

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  1. Funny in light of the intention to make equipment stats more relevant, I was going to ask about the Zoma equipment myself . The compass drop is so rare . I think we've ran it less than 10 times since the eb has been released ,in our clan. No real bone to really pursue it or care I guess. Just curious. Will that eb line just die like scrag equipment and banners .
  2. Will this change affect the banner as well?
  3. I cant remember if Spaulders of illumination were from the orisons event. I remember my shoulders of clans pride being better than illumination spaulders? Thats not the case now, if I do remember correctly clans pride shoulders were from thanks giving or new years event... So would they technically not be included in this or have I just been using inferior equip this entire time lol
  4. They are, though can't remember if it was Part 1 or 2. Mine got a boost as well.
  5. Thats what I thought. I checked past events section and clans pride shoulders were from christmas event which ran after the first part of orisons. Since the idea is to increase EQ values as a whole beginning with orisons EQ I think it'd be fit for both the shoulder and the arm piece as well.
  6. You're correct that proportional to available buildings eq is becoming less relevant.

    But the inflation in eq stats is killing the game in other ways, by reducing incentives to spend when eq is quickly outdated; by excluding eq from hit ranges so a statless alt with high bfe can grief new players with impunity (this also screws war rostering as bfa is counted in hit ranges, so high bfa/low bfe is rostered higher than high bfe/low bfa); and by not raising the thresholds for Lowland war bonuses: +10% from bfe is now commn than it used to be.
  7. The top 10 aozark ring stats are still the same though. You guys probably missed that one.
  8. Do you have an idea how long it takes to even get that equip let alone make it worthwhile  it is useless
  9. It drops more frequently then you'd think. The rotation of Ebs you're doing may be why you don't see it often.
  10. I have 2. That's not that rare. The problem is that people don't care about using them.
  11. Because only Orisons of Glory equipment has been listed but Zelgarad enhanced ran after part 1 of Orisons, I'd like a response to question "will Shoulders of Clan's Pride get stat boost?"
  12. You're kidding, right? I know exactly how long it took to get that equip. I know exactly how long it took to get it to each lvl up to lvl 9. I know, that at lvl 2, which didn't very long at all, is better than the trinket you have and just about any trinket out there. Sooooo, tell me again how it's useless?
  13. In the time it took you to get that equip I was able to hit better eb's and gain upgrades and bfa which dwarf your trinket
  14. You should change your name to silly  Since you know how long it took for me to get this trinket and my methods, enlighten us. 2 weeks? 4 months? Oh no, did it keep me from sitting in multiple hte clans for multiple stays at a time? I sure hope not :( tell me, silly, say it isn't so 
  15. I'm not the only one who thinks zoma equip is a waste  look at the dragon equip. Everyone thought it was worthwhile to chase then too. Now it's just used for certain item phases. Chasing equip is almost pointless now. We get a new set so often
  16. Im not the only one who thinks zoma equip isn't a waste but I'll concede to one point. Chasing equip, with how often we get new equip can be pointless. But.....my original post was a simple question asking if the trinket, with as much effort goes into it, can get a bump as well. Prolong its life a little. Not all of us want to spend our time stuck in an hte clan. I've enjoyed the hunt. Met some awesome people doing it. So for me and my play style, the trinket isn't useless. And a simple question asking for a bump in its stats was harmless.
  17. Complete agree with last comment
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    Because only Orisons of Glory equipment has been listed but Zelgarad enhanced ran after part 1 of Orisons, I'd like a response to question "will Shoulders of Clan's Pride get stat boost?"[/quote]

    Havent heard anything may ask feedback
  19. Why is equipment bonus having a smaller impact a bad thing? Bonus from equipment is static like bonus from allies and towers except equipment is not acquired by the same means. If equipment plays a bigger part then everyone will be divided into groups based on their tier in events making players who finish in the same tier all the same. Why not let players builds play a bigger part in gameplay.

    Basically my opinion is that a players build should continue to have more impact on gameplay. Bigger BFE will give gameplay a generic, same as everyone who does events, kind of feel.
  20. congrats mark on addressing the shortcomings of the equip vs players increased stats issue. unfortunately I can't say the same thing about eb's, since new lands have come out and more and more gold is needed to upgrade on these new lands the eb's have stayed stagnant. you haven't released a new eb since Goth and that's been over a year (I think). when did lotl come out? more than 2 years ago? you should be releasing more than 1 non p2p eb every 2 years. this is terrible neglect by the devs and should be addressed