Orisons of Glory Equipment Changes

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Our game designers have spent the last while evaluating the impact of event equipment on game balance. While lands have grown in an exponential way, equipment has not, and has been more or less linear with increasing stats.

    This means that equipment plays less of a role as it has in the past.

    To address this, we're going to be increasing the stats provided from the Orisons of Glory event equipment.

    The rewards for Part 4 are already showing the updated stats in the event page, with older equipment earned from Parts 1 through 3 being updated in the near future.
  2. Goodness
  3. 10/10
  4. Nice one !!!
  5. In series equip were:
  6. Seems like a solid decision. I'll be evaluating some other mechanics for awhile... some things I think should be gathered into a collective set thread(s).
  7. now how about getting rid of enchant fails since the cost of enchanting has increased far faster than you have increased the amount of elements that people get?

    i'm just asking because you seem to be in the mood to make reasonably sensible changes today.
  8. Is this a trial and error run like the 10 speakers/day? You mention only Orisons of Glory equipment.
  9. I see u guys already bufded the equipment from last event
  10. Just to bring to attention since we are on this topic. First off, thank you for a reasonable change. Going back to the last breastplate equip earned, is there anyway that equip can be treated like the rest we have been earning? I earned highest static tier to get +7, shouldnt it be +10 like the rest? Meaning top 50/10 get the 10+ levels, like every other event. Just makes no sense to me, appreciated if it was looked in to. Thank you 
  11. Wow. Alchemist shoulders got an insane buff.
  12. Shoulders of clan pride included in the upgrade equip?
  13. Equip from previous event series are already outdated. Most of it, anyway. That might be why they're only moving forward with changes for the current equip.
  14. Tier 2k new eq is better than top10 last event

    devs just make me feel foolish to spend $$ or time to chase top10/100 anymore
  15. The last 3 event equip before the rings have all been collecting dust on the bench not even worth using
  16. How dare you sir! ATA and sensible don't mix -.-
  17. The top 100 shoulders eq didnt get an increase
  18. Is the zoma trinket going to be updated as well? A lot of us have devoted a lot of time and money into zoma and it's looking like it's gonna be outdated already......