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  1. Parallel Space I am not able visit the Oracle in the marketplace it says that I am unable to retrieve item. Help please
  2. Email with

    Include all or they won't answer. It could take 24 hours but also try to restart game by double tapping and swiping up on iPhone or on android how they do it. Also try resinstalling app and or restarting phone.
  3. Double
  7. Hi Op. That incident sometimes occurs when you attempt to login to your KAW account through a third party, which disrupts your access to the oracle. Try logging in on the original device.
  8. Purchases are only supported on the official version of Kingdoms at War. Cloned versions of the game will not be able to connect to Google Play or be able to make purchases.

    Keep in mind these cloned versions also post a security risk to your account, and we cannot guarantee account security when you are not playing through the official Play Store version of the game.
  9. i login to my account on a pc, which as far as i know is fully legit and doesn't mean i am using a cloned version. For the second time in as many weeks i am unable to complete purchases, be it from the oracle or from the daily deals. It will be nearly impossible for me to get top rewards without the use of xtals, which i cannot purchase at the moment. Come on, figure this are losing money due to purchases not being made, we are losing the chance at doing well in the events, and if it keeps up why keep playing?