Oracle Quests

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  1. Aqua:
    Round 1: Complete destroyer in under 2 hours
    Reward: 25 Aqua

    Round 2: Use 500 items on any eb*
    Reward: 50 Aqua

    Round 3: Complete Glacial Squall in under 6 hours
    Reward: 75 Aqua

    Round 4/5??

    Round 1: complete Storm the Palace in under 3 hours
    Reward: 25 inferno

    Round 2: use 500 items on any eb*
    Reward: 50 inferno

    Round 3: complete Crossing the Threshold in under 3 hours
    Reward: 75 inferno

    Round 4: open 5 boxes
    Reward: 100 inferno

    Round 5: do 300 pvp actions
    Reward: 125 inferno
    END OF Inferno Quests

    *: fails don’t count and best way to do this is start depraved, use items, forfeit, and repeat until everyone in clan has 500

    So far rewards aren’t great but if you have more info about these quests please post below!
    NOTE: Unless you need inferno, it doesn't look like the inferno quests are worth doing.
  2. See Mei’s osman side legend thread for full details of each choice :)
  3. These are the oracle's aqua and inferno quests. not the easy medium hard ones
  4. Aqua 2: 500 items on any eb
    3: gs in under 6h