Opinion on ISIS?

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  1. Imo she is the best Egyptian God around, Ra is a close second but ISIS is too dope to cope.
  2. I prefer Greek gods myself.
  3. Can't say I blame you, Greek is clearly the top tier of mythology
  4. How about Nordic gods? Mayan gods?
  5. I like the one with big boobs.

    Odin? Odin promised to destroy ice giants. There are no ice giants around today.

    Vote odin for prez 2k16.
  6. Would Loki be vice prez?
  7. This was posted on the PIMD forums a few days ago I believe. OP is PIMD player confirmed
  8. Kezzer is PIMD player confirmed.
  9. Isis? Sucks right now. Raijin or chronos are better options
  10. Yeah I'm that guy, I don't play either game though. I just use forums these days
    I played kaw about 4 years ago
  11. TURN UP
  12. nah was sent a picture of it on that 3rd party app ;) i do have a pimd acc but I never use it because the game creeped me out
  13. Is this the real mbp5 though? :ugeek: