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  1. it looks like they want to promote war anf a hostile environment, here's hoping they change their minds about the excessive nerf to us who plays in the shadows.

    I AM OFF FREE FARM until further notice, my towers are going up. Expect some retaliation if you attack me. Sorry, have to play by kaw's rules now.
  2. was a fun game and now they are pandering to the whiners when all of them benefitted from the spy guilds who opened farms. Now it's just a ***** and moan game with loads of annimosity and grudges. Good job kaw...glad I held off on my pro account until Monday. I'll just play for free now until this gets boring like the rest of the games out there. Congratulations.
  3. I'm back up now that it's limited to 3s
  4. They actually inreased the pull u get with level 1s and 2s. There's a post in the news section from the dev.
  5. Ummm...why would they make it a neg to upgrade to lev that makes any sense at all. Why even have lev 3 then?
  6. No more farming on me. I'm out from the list
  7. Plunder isn't negative it's just reduced because lvl 3 guilds gave too much.
  8. A 3 still plunders way more than a 2. It just plunders 45% less than it USED to. U all know there is a very clear post on this in the forums/ news section.
  9. Even though it seems everyone else has shut Down I'm still Up stick to 5 attacks per day still to keep the flow open for everyone and yes infra even though it's 5 every hour it's still spam I'm watching you *.*
  10. dw im strong now i can take on people on my battle list so u wont c much spam nomore
  11. what about us spies is there any secret farms for us?
  12. Who do I get a open secret farm
  13. Lol, this thread is inactive. We're trying to move it to "best of"
  14. Best of.
  15. bump... :mrgreen:
  16. isnt it open Spy farm?