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  1. thats weird but ok sry guys wont happen again
  2. Fedaykin it's b/c I'm norm not out of money when I'm out THEN I'm too weak and STOP SPAM infra last warning so when you bottomed me I had just bought land
  3. Alright this is ridiculous i stopped spamming for 3 hours and then attack u 5 times 3 hours later and u say im spamming? Im not doin this 5 hit rule. Why? because thats a made up rule. If your gonna go full out spy then ok thats great but why should we stop attacking? Really you guys can spy on me and make money I dont mine because ill just be improving my build every day. I wont spam attack all day long every hour but what i can say is i will attack 5 times every hour or so because really im taking this advantage to making money.
  4. It's pretty simple infra I make money off of these guys too but your cutting my throat by farming them so I can't get my money so since I can't get it out of them I'm going to get it out of you
  5. To make it clearer Im not doing this 5 hit "rule" a day thing. I will stop spamming but i will probably hit more then 5 times in 1 day.
  6. olenthros what do you mean? I dont think im making money out of them that others cant make money from them. Your probably not using max army force when u hit them which is why ur not getting full that much money then you would with full force.
  7. No matter how I do it your cutting others out from their money including myself.
  8. Well like i said ill stop spamming ( spamming means continuesly attacking every second)
  9. Infra, what you don't realise is that by keeping us low, the next person is unable to attack us, hence, you are taking money from them.

    Another one ia the fact that although we cant attack you your way, we can wipe out your army and offer you as the farm of the day which means you're not going to be doing any leveling or making anu cash.

    Please heed the warning, thanks.
  10. hmm alright i get it now i forgot people would get the error msg. Like i said ill stop attacking a lot
  11. How do you farms feel about a few extra attacks by your owner? 1700g a tag is nothing considering, just inflating my attacks won # and keeping my troops at 0 but won't if you simply ask me not to
  12. The dunbass have banded together and decided that you are on farm. Therefore you are on farm and you can't do anything to stop it that won't hurt yoimu in return
  13. I'm open for people to hit farm me, but I would prefer not to be farmed in one entire sitting please. As far as 5 times a day. Feel free to hit me 5 successful times. Losses do not count in my book. But keep it to 5 times an hour. I don't like losing 12k times 20 in one hour. Really annoying.
  14. As I understand it, since they are all spy builds when you attack them they don't lose soldiers really since they dot have any. Therefore us attacking them doesn't impede their progress since they make their money from stealing. And our of the goodness of their hearts they are generously offering themselves up for people to attack since the effect on them is minimal.
  15. I'm off the free farm list till further notice
  16. Except you have 60k defence and we have to get over that small challenge
  17. Thanks for the heads up ichitaka
  18. Ya illi...I think to be on the farm list your defenses need to be teeeeeensy bit lower...even without having soldiers we can't get through 60k defense
  19. Wth they just nerfed stealing now I'm having to hit weaker targets for even less while losing more spies with a higher fail's hoping I don't have to shut down