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  1. I have a lvl 2 tower. So make sure ur strong enough before u hit. Hey guys , we r a small community. Wanna form a spy union to protect our interest?
  2. How can I attack I am new to this whole thing and I could use some help
  3. i agree and interested in this "spy union"
  4. Just want to say thanks to you guys by letting us attack you. I just started playing this game a few days ago and now I'm addicted. But why are you guys just doing the spy thing? Thanks again!
  5. P.S. If you missed it the first time, please DO NOT use spies, using spies on ua tends to annoy our spies and they go wiping out entire armies.

    Play nice, attack us 5x each, enjoy the gold, buy a few ales, move on. Thanks!!!
  6. How do you guys get anything done if you are constantly being farmed? Are you tired of the game? Don't get me wrong, it's appreciated. But when do we know you want us to back off? And how do others follow your example without having a mudhole constantly stomped in us with no end to other words, how do you pull the plug?
  7. These guys are master spies they conduct their wars in the shadows and they bank their money so when you attack them they lose no money but you gain money cause of the reward system so since their shadow warriors as long as you don't affect their spies they don't care.
  8. Ooooh...oops. Sorry Corinthian...I didn't understand the spy do you become a master spy? Do you then make more money stealing at that point?
  9. fighting is the best money maker because troops regenerate faster, have you seen Raven's pics of making 1 mill in 1 hit!!! OMG!
  10. First off,sign me up on union.second raven has 13 lvl3troop buildings so he should be making that,us master spys are not banking since we are farms and third with 11lvl 2guilds I can make 350at first steal and 148 on half spy stop so it is good
    money at this point 2.5 mil minimum per spy run and I don't fail so it's untracable and I lose maybe 500k per day easily made up. Hope that covers it all
  11. hey folks, i figured it would help out new players to have the spy union/farm collective accessible from one location. everybody's on my allies' page now. if anybody new joins just let me know, i'll try to keep everybody together as long as i can.
  12. I got 2 lvl 3 spies 11 lvl 2 spies. My first attack I can get 1.1mil now. Per spies run out I can get 11.5 mil. But need to recharge for 1.5 hour to heal back my spies

    master in spies need to have more patient and this is not an easy path. For beginner are very tough. Because u gain lesser money on lower level spies building
  13. Raven said that attacking has a cap of 960k or so now. Since it appears spies don't have a cap it seems that spies may not just be as good as attack but may be MANY times better. I'm guessing your not even close to having max spy you can have so it kinds scares me that you can hit 1mil+ per hit
  14. Buy my people. I can't get rid of them
  15. I am open secret farm also. Only 5 times per day please. Thanks lord for the invite.
  16. Question for you farms, if you have 0 troops are you just infinately farmable
    seems like some bottom out but like Corinth is never too weak

    if you have troops you could just empty them with quests and stay weak anyone understand how the game calculates you too weak if your 100% guilds?
  17. I have noticed that too. Corinthian seems to always be active but all of the others are too weak to hit. Is Corinthian set up a certain way to ensure this?
  18. Imma try to bottom his def out, I get 1500-1700g a hit lol so it shouldn't hurt him
  19. I was able to attack you guys but now it says defender is to weak...
  20. INFRA - that is the reason we ask you to attack us a max of 5 times per day, so others get the opportunity as well.

    I logged on 5 min ago and have 48 straight attacks FROM YOU!!!

    Please do not be greedy, it will be the community punishes you for it. Farm us by the rules set here, thanks.