Open secret farm

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by *mccc (01), Sep 19, 2009.

  1. As per title, I'm an open secret farm. Everybody can attack me to gain money. But must behave yourself. Each person may only attack me 5 time per day and leave the opportunity to others.

    Don't do any spies activity on me. You guy will never success spies activities on me. Unless you think your spies are more stronger than mine.

    Any question please leave a message here. I believe my inbox will have lot of attacking info.
  2. is it easier to "farm" when ppl are offline?wondering why so many are asking wether they can "farm" once they're offline
  3. mccc: Please save me doing the calculations and share your unusual strategy's structure. If it was anybody else, of course, I'd just scout them to find out. Not you though!
    Thanks for generously donating your profile to strengthen the forum reading community.
  4. So hard to attack only five times :) Thanks man, although this can't be great for you?
  5. All the attack you guys make will not harm to me. But please save your energy to do spies activity on me. I don't thing you will success on me. Cause I'm strong in spies.
    Use soldier to hit me will gain better than stolen
  6. I limit to 5 per person because need to leave some opportunity to others.

    Happy farming on me
  7. Ur always to weak with soldiers :p
  8. Too bad. I'm famous been attack
  9. How much do i get per successful spy mccc
  10. any other high levels offering the same to the populace? and ty agaon mccc.
  11. Might as well offer myself long as I have cash you get moneys as I have no soldiers 5 attack limit per day not 21!!!and please don't waste spys on spying.kthxbi
  12. @Benny so far as I know still have two more fully spies user. But I don't know do they want to live brightly like me or keep in the dark.

    Anyway now we got another user offer himself as a farm to help people
  13. Thanks so much mccc
  14. It says your defence is to weak or something.. so i cant hit you :(
  15. Ok. Previously i can be attack by everybody. Think developer fix something and now can't be attack

    I just upgrade to level 2 tower. U may try now
  16. i am now assn spec, feel free to hit me up for cash MAX 5x a day
  17. PLEASE do not spy or use any on us, ty!
  18. I am in the list. 5 attack per person. No spy attack.