Open Farming

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  1. Op dtw to assa :(
  2. noobs on the thread have no problem calling out op and hitting him, yet scared crappless to hit -VM-
  3. Not me. -VM- stl 1/1/11 np

  4. Upgraded off hitting him huh? Well done. Guess those HTE passes are just some random wall art.

  5. Lol good one!
  6. They always do. No pt in spending as your build and money gets devalues all the time in kaw and then they release new lands. Spend if its for your enjoyment if you are trying to catchup its better to wait and collect xstals etc and make a bigger push after a year collecting from events
  7. It's always sad to see people whining in the forums. If they looked around for 10 minutes they would see most formers as the trolls they are. Maybe you should ask your clan members for help or possibly pay someone to help you, like was previously mentioned. I have a feeling you talked some trash or something similar to end up being farmed. I've found its rare for someone to farm a kingdom that hasn't drawn attention to themselves in some way. Anyway just my two cents, carry on!
  8. You mean you spent a loda dollas
  9. Smh
  10. Smh again
  11. Jackson you are moist mate start fighting me then block me  cry away
  12. So many forum warriors.. My god
  13. We've created our own new war game here at forums.

    It's called FAW.
  14. You actually made me smirk, that's pretty funny in a meta way.
  15. Seeing my name quoted all over here makes me feel like a forum star now lmao
  16. I don't know the full stoty, but isn't OP too small for you to pick on?
  17. I didn't, actually he did. I don't know why he didn't put the reason but here it is.

    4 months ago I rejoined to play kaw with this account from zero, and I was chatting in wc and said hi to his x-wife and she put a protection on my wall, he saw and started farming me asking to remove it. He also told every clan I was in to drop me because I was farming him (lies) and they dropped me. My stats was only about 1.5mil cs and he's was about the same as now. Then I cleaned my wall and he told my clan he will not hit anymore but he did keep spying me 3-4 times not to fail, sometimes he faild but was saying that was the only time he did to get my attention to follow him because he was blocked. He said that all the spying was from other people who are mad on me but didn't want to release names. (Lies) After I upgraded and unlimited xtal event was over I started to farm him 24/7 and here we are, his crying because I farm him back.