Open Farming

Discussion in 'Activities' started by HenryPaul_0401, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. Lol bro don't talk trash and be DTW.
  2. support to -vm-
  3. Ya support 2 -VM- the guy who farm this guy OP who less than half his own cs. You are cool guy -VM-. I bet u have small *****. That why u fArm small ppl and think u cool?
  4. Am I the only one wondering who VM is?
  5. Not at all.
  6. Hmm yes I think it's against the rules to farm for no reason -VM- you've been a bad player and for that no desert for a week!
  7. I will help you. Normally i charge 5 seals but for you I will make it 4 seals. Thats a 20% discount not like kaw bs discount stats.

  8. 
  9. This is what we call STUPID
  10. 2 years an EB fairy...
  11. Lol devs gonna give you the crappiest sales from now on!
  12. Op I'm going to give you some advice. Ask for a lock and never speak or reference this thread again. Pretend it didn't happen.
  13. ^ he's right get this crap locked and hit back.
  14. Idiot
  15. I can guarantee for a fact 90% of the people here talking trash about the OP will not hit back to some Incoming in their NF. Bunch of hypocrites.

    Respect to those that gave him advice.
  16. I hit back.
  17. Shuddup
  18. I started farming him when my stats was less then half his stats but he pays so good and I upgraded
  19. Hey Moron Snake. Why quote the OP when he is right above you?