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  1. It is sad when a player -VM- can not stand to be a responsible player. He is famous for attacking players for NO reason. If, you return hits, he takes it as a major threat to his account. Be glad to see that account pinned and/or shut down. Player name again is: -VM-
  2. Someone seems a little butthurt over a little inc
  3. Someone's gonna get more inc now
  4. We need a reason to attack each other on a game that's called kingdoms at "war". The imperative word here being, WAR....
  5. And by posting this thread he's actually given everyone more reason to attack him :lol:
  6. Do it yourself
  7. Nub nub nub
  8. KAW forums rule no.1 :Never complain about people who farm you.

    KAW forums rule no.2: Never ask forums for help with farming a target.They will never help you.

    KAW forums rule no.3:Try to get a thread like this locked ASAP by a mod so it gets less exposure.

    KAW forums rule no.4: Forumers love a chance to make some jokes or be brutal. Never give them that chance.

    KAW forums rule no.5: post these kinds of threads with a statless alt so your safe from hate and farming. (©JUST JOKING, DONT YOU DARE DO THIS).

    KAW forums rule no.6 :Take care and have fun. Forums is a great place but remember , never post anything on forums which you can always post on WC.

    KAW forums rule no.7:Forums is a lovely place. You will get people who may try to put you down. Just ignore them lowlives and dazzle KAW and forums with your great personality and ideas.
  10. I was so disappointed when this didn't give me any tips on what tools to use for my crops.
  11. Never heard of him.
  12. I think we all need to calm down and eat a snickers. You're not you when you're hungry.



    Snickers, get some nuts.
  14. all this did is make -VM- earn my respect :lol:
  15. Definitely new here :lol:
  16. And why are you quoting op?
  17. Why are you quoting the guy who quoted the op?