Only one event item

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  1. Currently you have to switch between ebs to get both event items to make full peice

    I suddgest only one event item so there is no need for epic battle rotations

    This would allow clans to spice things up and NOT repeat the same ebs over and over agian

    Thank you for your time
    PEACE - crazy judge
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  3. Umm I fail to see how this would allow people to spice thing's up a bit they'd just run 1 EB instead of 2 you having a laugh or what?
  4. @-tay- yeah but two reasons that isn't good enough

    1: It cost $6 worth of nobilty EACH eb
    2: it's still the same ebs over and over
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  6. And only rotating one eb for a 14 day legend/event is not the same eb over and over? It'll be the same regardless

    I'd go back to the first Halloween event if I remember correctly which needed 4 different pieces to get items if you want diversity
  7. Clans would then only do the highest rewarding eb. Any other eb would then become obsolete. Lol
  8. That's what they do anyway. LB clans do LOTL/GOTH, almost everyone else does Destroyer/Haunt, and the well off among us just hit HTE and ZTA for two weeks straight.
  9. I think Op is more referring to an event set up we've all seen in the past. No I'm not talking about the quetzal event where everyone hit reckoning for two months straight, although, that was indeed funny to watch. :lol:

    I'm talking about when the devs would have one eb drop the most event items and then change that eb every two or three days. I believe this layout only survived through one or two events if I remember correctly. It did add a bit of variety to ebs that clans ran though. After max dropping eb changed, people would frantically complete an array of ebs to find the new best dropping eb.

    Imo, devs bringing back a few events like this wouldn't hurt the game entirely, but to make it fair to everyone, like it was back in those events, the ebs that dropped the most max event items were commonly low tier ebs. That was a big downside for those in the upper range of their builds.

    But other than that, the event set up was pretty decent.
  10. yeah that^