ongoing osws? (2018/10)

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  1. Seems legit.
  2. Yes they are
  3. Any news on what wars are still ongoing?

    1: Lands Of Death V Champion Corp

    Feel free to contribute
  4. Apoc and wdgaf 2 different alliances
  5. Is this really a war? Please check rosters & allies and let me know.
  6. Your OSW doesn’t even qualify to be put on a list
  7. I gotta say I been in wars since my start of kaw and this doesn’t fall into any war category, it’s more like pass go and park your spies on LoD. It’s boring, non-efficient but never the less gives my spies something to do since they aren’t used in pve timeframes anyways.
  8. Still got my allies so thats all that matters 
  9. Yeah....hidden 
  10. Yes, that is clearly the definition of winning for your clan.
  11. didnt say it was did i? All i said was i still have all my allies so thats all that matters. I Didnt say i have all my allies so we are so beating you guys.....
  12. But how bout we keep this thread on topic before michael locks it  laters
  13. nah dude ur still on topic, this is a thread for details of ongoing osw.. i want to see drama so keep going Lol