ongoing osws? (2018/10)

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  1. greetings kaw, i've been off for a while (about 2 years)

    i see that we have nobody playing the_philosopher role anymore -- it's hard to find details about osw unless you're part of one.

    anyone care to update me?
    (let's keep it as unbiased as possible..!)
  2. I want to know too. Who us kofte Osw with
  3. Everybody vs. EBs

    There ya have it

  4. Congrats on that first post at over 2bcs, your type is the reason fourms and by extension this game is dead

    Also i am solely keeping all of kotfe under my thumb 
  5. i was just about to ask if we're all too scared to even mention osw - or better yet, if anyone's even active.. but yes, i guess most players have their hands full with eb at this point in time..

    LET ME make this a little more approachable: based on raw observation, which notable clan/alliances seem to be engaged in osw?
  6. Champions Corp v lands of death
  7. rip tangra
  8. Kings-Lounge and YAFI VS NA
  9. I think there is kotfe Vs CR family
  10. The pines are in a osw i heard 
  11. Not anymore
  12. The Afterlife vs Apocalypse and KOTFE: round the clock stripping keeps clan chat active and helps clans grow. If you are not in an osw get in one.

    This game is a blast i love it.

  13. a friend gathered data for me, here are the deets

    (i don't know, you guys tell me)

    side 1 (apoc/wdgaf)
    - apoc (kotfe series, warlor, HiT, HoG, clan A hq)
    - wdgaf (veritas, regulators, carnage)
    (side 1 is an alliance (?) )


    side 2 (various alliances)
    - Invictus (outlawz, resilience, WAR, LOTR, Osiris)
    - Deus ex machina (CR, TS, SE)
    - Afterlife (WoG, dkod)
    - iG (no alliance)
    (side 2 as of current is not an official alliance - just fighting the same war)

    Past participants:
    -side 1:
    -side 2: tangra

    Strip data:
    side 1 strip wall:

    side 2 strip wall:
    Ahdragos (past)

    obviously there is missing data - if you can fill in the blanks, go for it
  14. Makashi37 changed names?
  15. Who is the actual founder of the Kotfe clans?
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  17. I’ve heard the clan “A Thinking Ape” is in an osw with bad breath right now and are loosing.
  18. CC v LoD still fighting I believe
  19. Can anyone confirm this ?