Once Beyond Reach

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. Then use them? You have like a full week of 100% bonus plunder. That's new player status again.
  2. Rather use them on a promo when I'm near or BC 
  3. With Skylands on the way you can kiss BC bye bye. I'm in the same boat. 83 reg chests and 24 gold but only bust them out on promos. If I make 800B per rotwb now wonder what that will be Skylands BC :shock:
  4. So negative, BC will be accomplished even with new lands like many are BC now.
  5. 4-500t guessing based off previous buildings. Not including lands.
  6. No rewards for me :(
  7. @that moment you realise there's no PvP aspect to this event.

  8. Incoming update.
  9. I think devs should make a community goal that would be a close call on reaching it, such as 200 millions things for 1000sb? Come on devs, you know you wanna ;D
  10. Well seeing as we have only just gone over the 50m mark after 3 days of the event we would need just under 150m in the last 4 days. That's pretty much impossible as things stand.
  11. How about every 10 million from now and on we get 100 sb 
  12. How have we reached 50m but haven't achieved/unlocked the 40m target? Strange
  13. You have to restart your app!
  14. Yep I have, and I see the 40m and 50m targets still grey.

    I just realised that it's probs because they just haven't updated this thread. Please just ignore my idiocy
  15. More Community Achievements!!! silver bars or SoD's!!!!
  16. Support

  17. An sod, for EVERY player in the game?

    Lol? Suuuuure
  18. 1 Sod 3 Horns 100m reward devs. Seems fair enough!