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  1. What exactly is this exploit, so I can avoid it, please?
  2. .. and btw - defender too weak was removed from all other builds EXCEPT for tower...
  3. @willy, the DTW mechanic is part of the game n has been for sum time, jus look at the hansel build, if there's no gold out u get DTW.
  4. Dtw to attacks builds, not to other hansels.
  5. Hopefully ATA will change the tower build mechanics. Turtle wars suck ass. Also, I hope that mithril will be available for purchase again as no one will want to participate in these turtle wars before long.

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  6. Giskard's post on page 56:

  7. Don't hate, appreciate!
  8. I really hope we are not going back to a turtle type war. Where people are either dtw or dtw or .... Dtw for hours in end.

    That certainly put me off the old style wars.
  9. The only thing I was confused about, as many mech doesn't work in ee wars the tower builds do..

    It's like saying you all can be hit unless you all build your build this way.
  10. True.

    The tower build mechanic arrived when they patched the tower OSF build, though.

    Look, I didn't have an issue with the Hansel build, nor did the rest of KAW until the hax0r build arrived. Now, the exploit was highlighted by hax0r-using clans, and every tower build is digging for arguments to combat the complaints.

    That's fine by me, and i'm a hansel. Nix the DTW mechanic. I can already be attacked by other hansels. *enter the "well open me to tower builds" argument*. Not a fix.

    This will just create more tower builds. Which is derailing this game.
  11. The only outcome resulting in the proliferation of these "tower builds" is less and less people will sign up for EE wars including myself. After dozens of consecutive losses against clans with these builds, it's an obvious exploit. DTW while having full troops isn't exactly "weak" is it? Not crying over lost mith but either change the DTW for estoc wars, or all convert to this build and you'll have a broken system. Either way less people will participate in these wars. Turtle wars are a drag :-(
  12. Random idea but maybe towers CAN be attacked to say 30-50% troops but then that will trigger the dtw if zero gold is out, this way everyone can still attack tws and can get hansels to finish them off but also tws still have their dtws to work with.... The % of troops that trigger dtw should be devs homework and this will only happen in EE wars... Outside tw build mechanics remain the same.... Compromise ??? Still though if you haven't warred as tw build and made plunder with the tw build u don't really understand how much sacrifice it is for them to get there and play AND constantly having allies hired during war.... Not to mention they are vulnerable to counter attacks say if they attack once and the other clan was constantly pressing attack on them, they will still be KOed there are strategies to fight towers but for them to lose their plunder team sacrifice And to lose the mechanic which has been around for ages is kinda wrong from my perspective. For those saying it kills wars... How many tw builds are their from the kaw population, I dare say it's less than 5% as no one will sacrifice their 40m a hit to earn 26m if they didn't expect their clan to win....
  13. It is quite funny to see all the arguments against this tower build... I and my mates from Ya_Judgment_Fi discovered it and adopted it since quite a long time only for OSW purpose when almost nobody knew about it and understood his mechanism and long before estoc wars came out! Btw some of you might remember that I paid quite a big price the build (lost many T after a 24 h ban due to alleged violation of TOU after being reported by...). Being dtw for steals and atk when got no gold out was at this time very suspicious! This being said I do not see any reasonable and justified reason to change the mechanism of the build! Those who choosed the tower build spent lot of time and energy and gold to get it. It would then be quite unfair to change the rules of the game only because some players are complaining about an alleged advantage of towers build during estoc wars! Happy Kawing
  14. Agree with mystique and... I'm sorry I cannot remember your name... The YAFI member with the long well written post
  15. @ calmjithebuttspanker. My apologies. Nice name btw lol
  16. You are the grandfather of this build, FYI. They called it "The Cambji Build" in Alpha.

    That being said, players are now complaining because of the implimentation of the EE wars. Now, all the "non-OSW" players are mixing up with seasoned war vets, they are all getting a taste of the mechanic.

    It's not "some" of the players...more like 80% i'm sure. And with the higher number of complaints to support, im sure they will address it.

    Hope you don't rage quit, though. ATA would go bankrupt if you stopped buying xtals. :lol:
  17. I dont see why u noobs complain. THERE IS WAYS AROUND A TOWER BUILD. Stop complaining seriously. If your clan sucks at war then it sucks at war. They get screwed mills in plunder to **** people up. No clan has all tower builds. Fight around them. Scout / assas them. Get better war leaders.
  18. Go read the other pages in this thread....

    There has been a few who have said the same thing as you, and others have responded. I know plenty of good clans who were dismantled by clans featuring their top KO players as tower builds.

    Take it away, and the shift in advantage will be immense.
  19. NOOB ALERT: what's a tower build... Ima guess you got towers??