On Tower Builds...

Discussion in 'Wars' started by joe_, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. What was the deal with PollyAnna? Never heard about it
  2. Anyone could turtle like Polly did, moose, didn't stop Devs from cutting 100k wins away.
  3. @Moose Think of Plunder Wars. Were they not an exploit? Hell, anybody could participate in them. So by your argument, Pwars were not an "exploit", because everybody could have/ or take part in one. Also, take note in what happened to Pwars. They are gone.
  4. I do think that it's a mechanic that needs to be reviewed. Half of KaW will end up adopting it, which will ultimately end the new war system.

    I don't believe it requires punishment however...
  5. There's a difference between an exploit and a cheater.
  6. Revelation.

    They wern't necessarily an exploit, just something the devs did not like and wanted to change.

  7. Support.
  8. @ Giskard -- That is what joe is trying to say. This matter needs reviewing.
  9. Being able to be invulnerable to any action at full troops is an exploit. Bottom line.
  10. They're an exploit. -.-
  11. Yeah, who is PollyAnna? I'm unfamiliar.
  12. Link the thread please moose
  13. If I'm full troops and you're full troops, I should be able to hit you, not get DTW
  14. @ Anarchy -- To an extent, it was an exploit. Did the devs intend to have Pwars when they created the first war system? My answer would be no.
  15. Anyone who thinks it's an exploit is rather ignorant.

    Just like any build they have their draw backs and their advantages, just like pure spy and hansel.

    Playing the mechanics is not cheating, if you are unhappy, do the same, otherwise shut up.

  16. It's an EXPLOIT, and should be treated the SAME as Polly and others (ie 24dude)
  17. I do not agree with joe, but I see no need to Insult him
  18. Did the devs intend to have half the stuff they have now? Well by your logic, no.

    So are EBs, and everything else exploits too?


    The word for that is change.
  19. @ Anarchy -- The special thing about the "unbeatable" tower build is that it has a little bit of a special bonus compared to the others.