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  1. I'm aware that I have already sent feedback on this subject, but here it goes...

    If Tower builds aren't an exploit of game mechanics, what is?

    Is it not enough that they can't be attacked when they have no gold or spies are held to 0 or under 20%?

    I recall when PollyAnna and others had wins stripped away for similar exploits due to game mechanics because YOU, the developers labeled them as exploiting the system.

    Futz and TruePlayer were banned outright for exploits and/or transgressions, but when Mods do it, it's ok?

    An exploitation of game mechanics loopholes isn't something to ponder on and "wait for complaints" about. It's cheating the system.

    Yes, my clan recently lost a war in which multiple players from the opposing clan utilized the exploit in question.

    I've known about it for some time, and was informed of it 3rd party (initially via a moderator, who used it to sweep targets during Summer wars, thus, cheating his/her way to a tournament win).

    My problem with this, as a fair and honest player is this: no single player or account should be invulnerable to any type of action if they meet the stated mechanics requirements.

    War system participants should be given a fair shot.

    Any build which counters this ideal should be (a) banned (b) have all wins gained via the exploit expunged (c) any clan winning a system war through the use of a building exploit should lose prestige gained, and opponents losses should be refunded.

    ~joe_ Order of the Fox
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  3. It's not cheating if anyone can do it.

    End of discussion.
  4. Respectfully: its nit creating if the mechanics allow it, and since CanadianGal made a really good thread explaining the pros and cons of this build (there are cons) and its public knowledge, its not cheating.

    Cheating is when you break rules to get an u for advantage. Tower builds are open and known to all
  5. That's like saying if if I go pure spy it's unfair because you can't attack me
  6. Looks like old Joe is a bit butt-hurt because some people who sacrificed stats for mechanics whooped him in a war.


    (1800-BUTTHURT mate, all calls are free.)

  7. Oh god that was horrible typing 
  8. I can hit a Hansel with zero gold out. Does that make me a cheat Joe?
  9. FALSE. I got charged $1.50
  10. Can I get. A link to the thread moose?
  11. PollyAnna was stripped of 100k wins with a build inside mechanics guidelines.
  12. If that was cheating, how is this not?
  13. Fair is fair...apply punishment for exploits accordingly.
  14. Joe:
    Anyone can build a tower build

    Tower builds make less mith and $$$ In war unless you have crazy Bfa

    An instructional thread about tower builds was made by CanadianGal and was disseminated to the public, so everyone knows about them

    How could it possibly be cheating?
  15. I agree that the tower build is extremely strong, but not cheating. It is available for everyone to do, so it is part of the game. However you need a lot of bfa and such to maintain it.
  16. THe devs are aware of the tower build mechs, so it isn't an exploit
  17. Well that's because you're flint. No other explanation is necessary. :p
  18. Joe shut up you butt-hurt monster.

    Either build a tower build, or get the hell over it. We understand you got your backside whooped by taka, but crying in forums? Man, I'd have thought a KaWer like you in Foxes wouldn't be this ignorant and stupid.

    But, I thought very wrong.