On medal payout for loss for future seasons

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  1. Its pretty depressing to be on a lose streak and all. If you lose 5 wars you have nothing to show for it other than 125 miths.

    Why not let people get medals for participating too? Increase the medals required to 45 for the first level, so if you win a war you get 4 medals, if you lose you get one. If you go on a winning streak you get 8 for next war. If you continue streak again you get 10 medals instead. I feel this is much better than just mith payout.

    I like the fact that the devs are not doing the top 10/5 roster thing, as spy builds can use scoutbomb instead of stealing so they can just hit top plunder, they can fight with tactics that won't affect their payout unlike ll wars during the last 4 events. When you see that some people just unload steals and attack at the start of war so they can secure high spots just for rewards.
  2. Nope cause people will make alt clans just to collect medals. BIG NONO
  3. Is it really worth the effort to keep on using alt clans so that you can gain the first level of eq only? Make it so that you will earn only just the lowest level if you participate in half of the wars even if you lose them all, its 15x5, and you gain 1 medal per loss. Is it really worth the effort? TBH I'd clap for the guy who actually does this because he actually found the time to afk after 5 hits for all wars.
  4. It should have been:
    3-win w/ streak

  6. Yes
  7. Sucks to be you. You never win?
  8. Nah I never win.
  9. .5 loss
    1 win
    2 spell

    140 wars in season, cast to lose 140 you get 70medals, less than static 85.
  10. Lol
    Support to sky's preposition
  11. Why want some thing to show for losses? Da f 
  12. Support
  13. Wars are definitely an investment of a player's time, and the thought of earning medals for a loss actually is something we discussed here on the team as well.

    As some of you have already realized, though, this opens things up to abuse with alts, and players opting into a war with no intentions of actually participating just to get a guaranteed medal.
  14. Grant, you guys have to try and work out a fair matching system so noobs can be matched against other noobs and actually have fun and win!
  15. 8 has 9 posts.. :shock:
  16. Sums up why this is bad
  17. Then why don't u do this. Say for example there is 40 wars this season. To get lvl 1 equip u must have 50 medals or even 45. This makes people have to win some to get level one. And tbh who has time to sign up for every war even if they just doing 5 hits??
  18. That last comment is very irrelevant, its easier to just sign up, hit at beginning, then disappear, than to do an actual war :lol:
  19. Why not let us leave feedback on people who do this so devs don't have to ban them, but maybe give them broken sword for a week so they are crippled enough that thwy won't be able to earn the rewards for a week? If this is enforced then I feel like people won't do it anymore.