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  1. Riiiiiiiiiite
  2. Yes I CF to Fury, Kotfe forgave me.

    I expect inc from a low stat account on my low stat account. Is that too much to ask? Clearly.

    Edit, if Roni has been playing for more than 2 years then she looks even more pathetic. Crazy ass chick who doesn't know anything about this game's history or it's mechanics.

    Also Roni what exactly are you trying to accuse me of? You keep talking about this previous person and I'm not really following your train of thought.
  3. A dork an a esquare
  4. Imma bak roni oberhere. She don do game rilationships
  5. Valkerie c.f to Fury and Kotfe forgave her :'( :'( .That's what i mean by you are the runt of the litter.i was clan farm of dkod and it's family clans death inc , rise against,w.a.r , hol and the outlaws for over a year and i still didnt c.f ! I was clan farm of osiris and osiris family for 6 months and they didnt get a cf from me.i was clan farm of 46 & 2, true spartans , midgard warriors and easy retreat for 2+ months each and i never c.f.Also was clan farm of silent resurgence for 4+ months and never c.f ! You call yourself a badass and yet you ceasefire ! How weaker than weak you are .
  6. She doesn't do relationships in general. No one is that desperate.
  7. This r the lamest wors eber writen in kaw. Comin from u or anyone els.

    Idk. Its prolly jost me. I bow to no man. I personaly think askin cf is lame an espine les.

    How u gona tel ppl to quit estealin ur fake gol?uh?
    The very foundation of these game is based on ppl hitin each other an have fun doin it

    Hell, i actively look for hit slaves to feel my nf! Rite now I got sovereign on me 24/7. We both havin fon. Y wud u shy away from incesant inc?
    U make me sik valky
  8. Such a badass, being able to play dead for so long and become a meat shield hitting hansels from pin and throwing out scouts. You're so amazing /s Such a bad ass you got banned lmao, how pathetic are you. And look at you, kaw is so much of your life you made a new account to keep playing after getting banned
  9. First you accuse me of being inactive for 5 years, then you comment on my time with Kotfe in late 2016. Which is it? Stop contradicting yourself.

    Also I've not only challenged you in my lengthy replies, I've also directly challenged you in my small posts. Yet you've avoided both.

    But we both know why. You've lost this argument and you know it. Yet you've dug a hole so deep I'm not even sure you can find a way out of this now. It's too late. You've made yourself look like a fool, tried to challenge me and presented "facts" yet moments later changed your version of events.

    You. Are. Pathetic.
  10. Um...whats wron with hittin hansels? From pin, from ful or from ur toilet sit? What diference das it make? R hansels a protected especies?
  11. You're just as dumb. But you're a troll so I'll bite. Hitting hansels = easy atk targets to boost that battle win stat. Doesn't make you a bad ass
  12. I neber understod y it was only acepted to fite certain way.
    Any way that u cud achib ur purpos IS ok.

    I use escouts very rarely an only when i wana see what kinda build they habe, not to bern espyes. I olmost never sutceed cuz my espyes r nex to 0. BUT, if escouts gets u closer to victory eben by a mere inch then y not?

    Personaly, i don habe time nor interest to use that techiqe. But y bash it if it work?

    Then u have the ps an tower build. I find them rather borin an cowardish but if they r achibin ther purpose y not?

    Don b esquares u chumps
  13. Once u difit ur oponent. U dictate the history of it.
    U then can, if u desire, claim to b a badas (an rightfuly so) an the loser wil habe no objection an wil habe to take it
  14. Extra u idiot. Were not in a roman legion. . Theres a thing cold estrategy. The times where oponents went hed to hed to produce a victor r lon gon. I min, thats what u wan but it aint hapenin u chump 
  15. Damn idiot had to put it in three forums posts, guess you're too dumb to know what the edit button is used for. Again, hitting hansels all day while low is the same as stealing from a tank with low sdt. Doesn't prove anything besides you don't like a challenge. Is that the only thing you can talk about out of everything I said. Not gonna go kiss your girlfriend's Toni's ass some more?
  16. In extra lo iq”s opinion, u habe to change build before atackin hansels an AFTER u do that u nid to hit wheneber he fills its rite 
  17. Lmao!!!!

    Ferst, provin is the end risolt.
    Secon, its not like hansels jost habe to take it. Each build has his own adbantages/disadbantages an if u don no how to use them then ur jost useles an a soon to b loser. Hansels not doin nothin is the only way it wudnt b a chalenge.
    Therd, what? U wan atack build to change ther build bfore unlodin so its fer for hansels?
    Lmaoooooooo what an idiot
  18. Your reading comprehension is as low as your boyfriend's. Where did I say that? Point it out idiot? You're such a fail troll, spout all this off with nothing backing you. Keep talking though. Skipping over my points and saying nonsense that has nothing to do with I said. Go on, kiss your boyfriend's ass some more. Kiss any harder and it'll have to be moved to a different site
  19. J’adore when chumps like extra lo iq try to act tof an use heavy wors. Lmao basic instinc tels this primitibe minds to aply force insted of thinkin forwar like champs like myself
  20. I cober ur point. Not points. It was one. The one of not bin a chalenge.

    An btw tryna setxualize it won make it a beter argument. As a mater of fact, thats only chip gheto estuff. I jost fill bad for ur miniscule mind
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