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  1. That was my original name back when i was in illuminati my only accounts are this and anbu_blackops nice try though
  2. + anbu_blackops, salty_planters_boy
  3. Its beyond laughable how dumb both of you are
  4. Valky olso has a alt/main at dragon secrets. Wil apdate if mor info bicome abailable
  5. How do you know about that?
  6. I've got 7 alts / accounts and I've only ever revealed 3 of them. Doubt you have a way of finding the others Salty lol.
  7. Wow what a dork
  8. Read my wall apparently HalyconDays is another of valkerie's accounts.But everybody knows how Halycon ran off kaw when farmed off the game by Fury and Kotfe and c.f to them . Another big lie told by Valkerie Halycon is a man.I cam imagine what Valkerie's hygeine must be like rotting on 7 accounts all day and night or lacking of it !! And we all know what my owner ecstacy/venom is known for and how strange there you are on venoms wall . You quit kaw during season1-2 of e.e wars.You only came back last year and miraculously now have a massive stats account we all can do the maths. And you are not known on your own merit at all whatsoever .So you leech off me and saltyfeet and all that we do and say and our drama.Keep chasing them ebs in everyclan though .You are only known from being a worm and that was a group collective clan interaction and nobody speaks of you in all these years since. Stop leeching off my name because you have failed to exert yourself and be known off your history.You even bragged about getting me silenced on my wall stating that i am inpersonating roni.Yet i proved i am that person .And coincidence MG and you both stated that i am a imposter .Yet you both got blown up in your lies although we know MG is you too.Your deep rooted jealousy shows with you /MG writting my name all over forums and jumping on me whenever i appear in worldchat.
  9. Its funny how your feeble mind can’t comprehend the fact you are so annoying that more than one person hates you. In your deranged mind you’ve convinced yourself that the “haters” are actually the same person. The delusion here is beyond pathetic. Nobody is jealous of a dead acc wasting her time trying to pick fights in wc because nobody can hit her tiny acc.
  10. Apdating

    _MG_of_WoG = Valkyrie-IV = ecstasy = iSwift = sovereign = anbu_blackops = salty_planters_boy = HalcyonDays

    Lmao what a loser
  11. Braindead “Unable to attack: defender is too weak”
  12. I gotta gibe it to roni. She brot the big guns to the show. Valky lookin feebol an risortin to chip crude atacks to sabe face.
  13. I'm older then both wog and val, I demand to be first in your little list
  14. Not older than my alt ;)
  15. Many of valkys acounts now exposed
    Difeated by wandering
    Cf to fury/kofte

  16. MG/Valkerie does it ever register with you that i might be fighting other people ? See unlike you ,i dont feel the need to be in a clan hitting ebs constantly .i have been fighting a clan for roughly 2 weeks with my best friend and also other people on the side.And contrary to your know it all assumptions i just talk and joke around in worldchat.i dont ever pick fights .it is just the inner jealousy coming out from the females who dont like it that i have acceived what they havent.So they call in their sad little gaggle of friends to help them out versus me.And i am far from a dead account .if i wanted to i could turn the switch and be like i used to be.it's really lucky for some i have been just simmering on kaw because reallife been busy.You really shouldnt keep provoking me because the type of annoying that you've seen from me lately aint me at full throttle. I just miss my old home clan.Kaw aint the same for me since it closed i just cant seem to get the same drive that i used to have .No clan can match how happy i was in Shadow's.And unlike you Valkerie/MG i aint a clan hopper. I stay loyal to just one.So for your sanity i would advise to get off my case .
  17. Halc is an account of mine yes, I saw you are struggling identifying my accounts so gave you a head start. As for being run off kaw, the Kotfe issue was back in 2016, you're a little late to the party.

    You seem to think that because I have 7 accounts, they are all active? No. I'm a full time university student with a part time job on the side, which means I barely have much time to myself. You wouldn't be able to relate having failed GCSEs and never reaching this level. I do however have time for a shower every day,and putting you back in your place when necessary xD.

    I actually didn't quit kaw during season 1-2 not sure where you got your info from, that dates back to around 2012 right? I see by your 2 year badge you are running on word of mouth and not personal knowledge, might wanna double check your facts.

    You say I'm only known for being a worm yet attempt to insult me about my time as a Kotfe member? Contradicting yourself as always, I suppose it's hard bearing in mind 95% of what comes out of your mouth is lies.

    How do I leech off you and Salty feet? You share a braincell bearing the pair of you and I'm inclined to say Salty is hogging it. Actually your silence was for 3rd party advertising and giving out 3rd party contact details. Yet again showing you have little to no understanding of the game mechanics or terms of use. How embarrassing. Also, how many times do I have to say that MG isn't me?

    To finish, just logged into my Halcyon account and surprise surprise, not. a. single. inc. from. you. Not even a typical fail scout or anything, just nothing. Now I know for sure you are just a weak and frail person who even shakes at the sight of my low stat alt.
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