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Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by saltyfeet, Apr 5, 2019.

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  1. Ibe bin hearin rumors that i use riverse sycology. That i jost tel u that so u can do the other.

    Jost so its clir. Do not by ma allyes. I min it. Don.

    Look, ma allyes r trash k? U don nid them. U can by them easily somewhere els. Ur frens habe some for sure. Make gol betwen urselfs. Y u habe to anoy me? Uh? Y? Y don u mature?

    When u by ma allyes i habe to take time of to estart lookin for some mor. An i habe to take ma time to by the ones with the mos estats. it might take me a sec or it might take me a while. But in the min time ur brakin ma nuts.

    If it was like 1 or two times i wudnt care but u ponks kip buyin them an quite frankly is biyon anoyin k?

    Ma allyes shop is close for busines. I hope u chumps can understen that.

    If not, ull risk bicomin valkiry whom ill estrip prety soon.
    Ibe tol her ripitedly to estop hirin but shes estuborn so ill habe to teach her a leson.

    Don end ap like an emty shell like valky. U chumps diserve beter.

    Thanks for ur comprihension

    Truly yours

    Salty aka the goat
  2. No one cares noob.
  3. He blocked me :(
  4. should i hire
  5. I blokt u cuz imma farm/estrip u later. U think it was fony u boght ma allyes. U think im playin games.
  6. Hey didn't realise this had become such a major issue, I saw your ac rant Salty and the subsequent wall posts you sent my way... I hire your allies cos they are good stats for price. Plus it's funny watching you cry.

    Whatya gonna do?
  7. Don play domb valky. U can easily buy those trash allyes else wer.
    Anyway, its olredy to late for u. Salty is comin to get ya
  8. Youre up there with roni and hellbound for being the most annoying players of all time
  9. An ur up there with...
    Who the hell r u agen?
  10. Start actually playing the game n youll find out
  11. i swear to god if any of you buy my allies im gonna reset
  12. No nid to wait fir nothin. I no who u r olredy. A loser an a chump
  13. I agree with you saltyfeet we might be the on the most hated but who even is MG ?The only thing known are the tags and not the person behind the screenname !!Just another oaf on kaw that's all !
  14. Youre a worthless dead acc keep talking in wc its all youre good for. On top of that you're a good for nothing impersonator.
  15. Roni is a well known player. As controversial as the opinions about her can be, but she has more history behind her, more osw and pvp experience, more respect or hate or despise, than u with only cf to apoc behind ur belt.
  16. yes i am a impersonator of myself !!
  17. The only history that MG has is c.f to Apoc :)
  18. and Valkyrie you aint my owner esctacy/venom so what does that mean :- everybody can do the mathes .
  19. Dont even bother trying to act bigger than what you are .You aint no match for me or salty.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.