OMG you guys I'm freaking out!

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  1. Lurkers, Flamers, Trolls, lends me your rears!

    Take a good long look at the AT, now I'm not saying forums is a direct reflection of how the game is doing, however in my 6 months or so of absence forums seems to have died out.

    People are bored making low effort threats just so AT is moving again, replies that aren't on event threads or the asw that just happened are few and far between. If there are any players from GaW or FC who were around near the end, I have a question for you. Did your forums look this dead near the end? Could this be the end times for KaW!?* Lemme know what you the KaWmmunity think.

    * I am no way saying this game is dying or going to die any time soon, I do not have future sight, if I did I wouldn't use it to see when or how this app will end, nor do I see the devs pulling the plug on their money sink item gathering simulator.
  2. FC forums did slow down gradually maybe because people transferred to KaW but then again the chocolate noodle only bakes on shoes
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  4. Also lmao dude they locked all the threads except the one that has to be locked within the next hour or I post my high effort stupid thread
  5. Not sure what ill do when kaw does shut down, tried many other app games and they all suck horribly. Guess ill have to find an outdoor hobby. Lol
  6. Low-key, you know what app can help with an outdoor hobby.

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  7. The pre-installed iOS Health App!
  8. Each forum is different and if/when KaW forums dies... I doubt it'll be similar to FC or GaW's demise.

    As there was a carry-on (sort of) which was KaW.

    If KaW dies, the only "carry-on" will be PiMD and no one likes that place.

    Don't even get me started with Meego and SMASH.
  9. All forums die the same
  10. All eyelashes die the same too
  11. All giant star turtles die the same too
  12. Really if/when? Look at the times between replies, I get timezones and busy lives outside of the game but almost half an hour? Most I saw 6 months ago was maybe 10 minutes or so for some threads, obviously more for others but there was consistent activity you can't look at the AT and tell me that it is consistently moving.
  13. If there was anyone's opinion I cared to read up on and wanted to know badly enough, it's yours bro.
  14. The majority of kaw don't use the forums on a regular basis so honestly it just means less forumers are around posting content.
  15. CATFISH!!!!! (they all die the same too)
  16. The forums have been slowing down for over 6 months. I attribute this to a number of things.

    Firstly, over moderation. There was a point where threads were being locked left right and centre for the made up precedent of 'lack of effort' by some mods. Genuine threads were being locked before they even had a chance to generate discussion. That hardly encourages players to post.

    Secondly, lack of moderation. As we can see in AT now, several threads should be locked because they are just spam threads that aren't needed. Or it takes too long for a thread to be locked. Given the number of mods, this should not be the case. This is where a forum mod is needed. One who is very familiar with the forums. Not a mod who pops in from time to time locking threads that could continue.

    Thirdly, there was situation with the mods a few months back and any thread or comment that made mention of it was deleted or grave yarded with no explanation. To this day there still has been no explanation. Devs have buried their heads in the sand and expect us to forget about it. It makes the system look less than transperant and players probably have a lack of faith in the devs. Would you be interested in joining a forum where comments disappear without an explanation?

    Fourthly, the devs have had 0 presence in the community up until recently. There used to be a lot more idea threads being made. They have dwindled in the last few months. If comments and feedback appear to be falling on deaf ears, it makes sense players will stop bothering.

    Fifthly, there was a point where most threads dissolved into the same group of players arguing and insulting each other. It brought the whole thread down. This resulted in mods locking it for derailment. What should have happened is mods should have cleared the offending comments and warned/banned the players and let the thread continue. Instead they just locked it and the players went to argue on another thread. Majority of the time, anyway. This made forums a rather frustrating place to be because you're trying to have a discussion with someone and it is completely over taken by certain players. This has improved in the last couple months.

    Sixthly, there is a lack of new players. Frequent posters seem to be retiring or posting less and there is no new blood to replace these players. Often, the ones that do come into forums are ridiculed and made fun of because they don't post 'right'. Instead of trying to help, they're made fun of. That doesn't shout 'Welcome' exactly.

    And finally, threads often turn into personal slinging matches. Genuinely interesting threads turn into players arguing and carrying on like kids who don't get their way. Perfectly decent threads are ruined because players aren't able to communicate civilly with one another and remain on topic. Instead it's name calling and personal insults like the school play ground. It brings the whole forum and thread down. It's irritating. There hasn't been a 'controversial' thread in a little while really. But no doubt it would turn into a slinging match.

    Just my 2 cents worth from what I have seen in the past few months.
  17. No real lack of moderation. Low effort threads have been locked m98
  18. Whats changed in kaw that we can actually discuss in length?

    Builds? No.
    Mechs? No.
    Wars? Eh..

    Pretty much everything worthy of extensive discussion has been covered.
    There hasnt been anything introduced in a long time that gives a reason to revaluate how you are going to play. No mystery that effect the small details in kaw.

    No, they dont. Star turtles dont die at all. Ive seen them not die.
  19. I got the reference.
    Pokemon Go hahahahahahaha
  20. Way too much censorship and too many crybabies that want the censorship it's the community's own fault