Omg a dev!! I'm a mod!!

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  1. By request, this thread is the best!
  2. it actually reached best of :lol:
  3. Grats Xtreme
  4. BuMp3D 4 t3h lulz :lol:
  5. Ha what if he was a dev that would be bad!Moderator power...what kind of a re...*Mumbles and laughs to self* :lol:
  6. lol didnt know you could post on best of threads? Anyways LOL too funny
  7. lol this is hilarious..
  8. haha... i love this...
  9. Nice bud, needed a good laugh today.
  10. :lol: wow that guy really thought that he would get away with it didn't he. My favorite part is when he got sad that you sent it to support
  11. :D so funny a shame a person falls for it
  12. LMFAO nice :lol:
  13. Lol posting on best of is possible? o_o
  14. Love this thread.. absolutely mint.

    At first I thought it was legit.. Even to the point, where I thought the following

    1. he knows hes 13, I thought mods couldn't be that young..
    2. why is a mod posting stuff that would get other people silenced or banned..

    Then he asked for the UDID, and I thought hangon, what the hell that got to do with being admin.
    Then he posted the UDID Number (albeit fake) and I thought idiot..

    Then I read the last couple of lines, and changed my opinion to GOD>..

    nice one.. lol..
  15. Hahaha too funny I fell for it
  16. Lmfao!!!

    I don't know who to pay more respect to...

    You for recognising this crap when most people wouldn't or the idiot attempting to get your account!

    Either way in lmfao
  17. That was too funny 