Omg a dev!! I'm a mod!!

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  1. Suckers lol I can't stop laughing
  2. One of the funniest threads. Ever. :lol:


  4. Omg Xtreme you should have put in an actual UDID possibility (not yours) and had him do the same thing for an hour or two getting things wrong
  5. If this doesn't get Best of..
    The devs need to do some serious thinking. (Slight pun not totally intended)
  6. Haha.. Maybe I'll request best of xD
  7. Woo damn that guy must been desperate on taking your account!

    I bet this happens a lot lol

    Well he's gone and banned I bet
  8. Damn. Lol thats hilarious. He talked nothing like a dev
  9. Lol knew it was fake soon as it wasn't even typed correctly. But that was a pretty funny convo bro
  10. Btw, you need to charge your device :lol:
  11. I should try that someday. Except with social security numbers instead. :roll:

    Seriously now, this thread is win.
  12. Hey your not silenced anymore cheezey!
  13. FAIL!!!! HAHA!! Best thing ive ever read