Omg a dev!! I'm a mod!!

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  1. Xtreme why were they trying to steal your 600k comb account is my question?

  2. That is a damn good question, lol
  3. Kaw is real? All my life is now just an 'invalid request'
  4. Aww I thought you were a mod lol and was that a real UDID??? I hope not
  5. Well dumb question lol u wouldn't of posted it lol
  6. ?  ya I give my udid to people all the time
  7. God this is funny :lol:
  8.  at first i was gunna say "why u rubbing in that ur gunna be a mod?" but then i was likescam! pmsl
  9. This needs to go to "Best Of".
  10. Wait so, this kaw-ADMIN guy is a scam? :/


  11. Perhaps, Devil has expanded his "Clan Destruction" hobbies to a new level.
  12. Lmao that was completely the best thing I read all day even better then moose's lock thread.
  14. Wait what's a udid?
  15. Universal device identification. If you get access to someone's UDID, you can steal their account.