Omg a dev!! I'm a mod!!

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  1. I knew from the first statement, Xtreme is going to **** this guy up.
  2. lmfao
  3. Epic win. Props to x for going along with it so long 
  4. That was sooooooooo funny!
  5. Sounds legit... 

  6. It took a lot of convincing to not just tell him to **** off right away
  7. Kaw wouldn't have bad grammar like him lol good counter prank ;)
  8. This is one of the only times that I can put lmao and actually mean it. Hilarious. Well played
  9. I thought that was real 
    Till the end
  10. I love how he would put "mod powers" on your phone. Lol

    No one on the team refers to them as "mod powers"

    I have all the "power" of your local janitor. Hahahaha
  11. I didn't even read past the op,anyone who frequents forums and thought they could blag Xtreme is clearly an idiot.
    I had a naive sub clan guy get UDID blogged not long ago...arguably deserved but still it smarts when you sincerely liked the kid.

    Well done X
  12. Just to add, the account that was blogged from the 15 year old kid is now inactive.
    I'd like to think the Devs did it. I still have to question though,if so then why didn't the original Acc holder get it back?

    Just a question, for experience purposes only. Sadly the kid doesn't play anymore.
  13. * both posts
  14. More than likely that's Xtreme talking to himself to get a laugh out of forums 
  15. If u give me ur udid i will grant u magical god powers in rl!!! Plus ull be more attractive to the opposite sex and get regular checks of thousands of dollars. Plus a lollypop.
  16. @distance, can I just get the lollipop?! That'd be fine with me!!
  17. Rofl sure! Just tell me first what i can do w ur udid once i have it