Omg a dev!! I'm a mod!!

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  1. Pretty sure it means player moderator. I might be wrong :?
  2. One thing I woul have differently is wait for his response before revealing that I knew it was fake. For example, it would have been lol worthy to see his response to the fake udid.
  3. I love how the scammer has ADMIN in all caps, just to make sure you know he is "legit" lol

    You should have played the game I play with scammers and seen how stupid you could act before they stop corresponding with you. That always makes for great reading
  4. And an L as the i
  5. Lol moose, I will def try that next time.
  6. KaW Admin:
    What would you do if you saw this in WC? "**** you"

    I'd silence them because I hate WC and everything there.

    KaW Admin:
    That's a very good answer. Well thought out. Can I have your udid?
  7. Whyd you decide to filter out your cuss words?
  8. So I don't get a forum ban... Lol
  9. Epic, that guy is going to regret it!
  10. Lmao. Nice Xtreme
  11. /facepalm. Nice one, xtreme 
  12. Hilarious
  13. The guy faking kaw admin should be perm banned and any accounts linked to him or her too just for payback 
  14. Scammer trolled, shoulda let him use it
  15. Omg. I gotta give this guy credit on this scam. Hilarious.
  16. Lol, made my morninh