Omega's Do's & Don'ts of Posting Questions

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  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The purpose of this guide is to explain to the everyday KaW'er how to effectively post a question on the forums and be able to get a reasonable answer and avoid trolling, spam, being farmed, etc.

    *** Please note, that this is will reduce your chances of being flamed, I cannot guarentee anything, as some people will just do it for their own pleassure, regardless of whether or not your post was total fail***

    That being said, Lets get started.

    - Check your grammar.
    - Clearly state the information you are looking for (when applicable)
    - Be polite and respectful (Remember you're asking for help)
    - Check the forums to see if they already have the answer you're looking for.
    - Put some actual thought into your post. It's well known that a well thought-out/worded question gets more serious responces.
    - (EDIT) Once you have written the thread, check back every so often until you get a satisfactory answer.
    - (EDIT) Post your questions in correct section of the forums (Questions/Feedback or OFF TOPIC if not KaW Related)

    Do NOT
    - Put numb3rs 1n y0ur w0rd5 1t mak35 y0u 100k 11k3 an 1d10t.
    - Don't get upset / offended if you get trolled (They FEED off of this, they want you to be butthurt)
    - Trash talk, I suggest my method, do all the trash talking in their new feeds.

    This is all I can think of at the moment, if you have any suggestions to add to the guide, please post them, and I'll add them in (if I feel they're worthy) and give credit where credit is due.

    Special thanks to: -MissBehave- , MH-GENOCide


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    W0W 1 N3V3R D0 ANY 0F 1HA1 51UFF
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    This is a good example of how to look like an idiot while posting. Thanks for the support Pawrs hahaha

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    Anytime omega. It's easier typing normally than with numbers and capitals.
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    cool story bro
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  8. Thank you for that Omega... let us pray that people read this!
  9. We can only hope Belle, we can only hope.
  10. :D Yes Sun Seta, that is not very good.

    @BelleMorte The Queen of Mean complimenting me, screen-shot taken hahaha.

    Cheers everyone, thanks for the support.

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    Gotcha 
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    My brain hurts from trying to understand a single word said
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    ^ crazy
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    You could put some examples of failed threads. All moose's guides? Jk
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    LOL Cmon! He has good threads, I enjoy reading them.

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    Another thing i would add to Do's :

    Once you have written the thread, check back every so often until you get a satisfactory answer. Ive often had to wall OP's with question threads to tell them to check their threads again. Then having to explain on walls when they cant find their thread :)
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    Did you even mention the stickied questions thread?
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    noobs post threads and never return all the time. they are idiots
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    I'm getting sl much trash talk it's crazy my pots are going down so fast