Old items Traces in Profile

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  1. why u guys not clearing old events collective items? we need to find usable or current items in between all past traces, if there is no need for old items what is the point for keeping it in profile page? pls remove all unusable items from profile page so we can find usable items easily... thanking in advance...
  2. Support. Clean up the old event trash!!!
  3. Support
  4. I’ve been asking devs about this 2 years ago

    I thought my inventory was cluttered then and they didn’t see a need....
  5. What if we could transmute for 1 each stat, the stats will mean nothing but at least they’ll move to showcase where they’re less in the way
  6. I dun care what devs do I just want my inventory cleared
  7. They need to reorganize the marketplace too, scrolling through everything is rather tiresome. Would rather there be buttons that bring you to more specific markets (ie atk pots, def pots, crest plate bundles, etc)