OG player returning after years away

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  1. How on earth does this work these days  when I was last proper active it was plunder wars I think it was called, we would hit pure spy builds for gold then let them win the war for their gold, how is money made now?
  2. With great difficulty...

    Not really. The main ways to grow and make gold now are: Legends/events, epic battles (EBs), pvp, ally trading.

    Potentially in order of how lucrative.

    Ask around in any clan that will accept you and you'll receive more information on what they are.

  3. kasama is a master of this game. dude has been dead for like 2 years then he comes back for like a week and grows 200mcs i mean come on
  4. Only an OG player still says OG on this game these days... and uses forums (sad times).

    Welcome back!

    Epic Battles and the events is how you make cash dollar these days (good times?). You’ll prolly grow ten thousand percent within the week, I kid you not.
  5. Pwars used to =life in this game
  6. F to pay respects to the forums.
  7. PvP used to = life in this game, pwars was start of change from brutal war game to FarmVille with castles
  8. Lonesong = kasama
  9. F. Welcome back though. If Foxes can be of assistance, you may find some familiar faces among us to consult
  10. You aint an OG