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Discussion in 'Wars' started by admin, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. There have been many threads created over the past few weeks about No Matches and Poor Matches received during the Season 3 Wars.

    We have read through the many threads, suggestions, complaints, and feedback reports you’ve been sending in. With the current season in progress, we won’t make any substantial changes to mechanics. We’ve made some smaller changes so far (including reducing the roster size), and we are open to suggestion and feedback though about what we should do going forward.

    To help cut down on the number of duplicate threads, we’ve created this thread to facilitate questions, concerns, and suggestions about the matchup system and no matches seen during the Season 3 wars.
  2. Battle List 4 Life.

    Admin, go **** yourself.

    Push for battle list guys!!! Don't give into the devs!!
  3. Ok @KAW The no match system is horrible as you know but that is not the only problem.
    1. Im sure many HEAVY SPY builds will agree with me that if you arnt PURE SPY then these EE wars are not worth our time. Nobody even wants hansels any more because we are so useless. Can you guys somehow change this system so it can be even for all builds.
    2. SH (SOS level 1build) just took the place of GH.... so GH werent really nerfed.
    3. Also PVP has been mentioned many times but for over 3months that i have been following this issue it still has not been changed. If you dont want to change it please just rename the game KAE (KINGDOMS AT EB) its false advertisement.
    4. Can you guys also find different ways to get crystals. Once you do all quest there is no other way for XTALS but to wait every 4months for another promotion... TOO LONG TO WAIT FOR WARS. Roll out some quests for spies or just roll out more quests period.

    But there have been good updates-
    1. Nice selection of mods to the team
    2. Good job cleaning up forums
    3. The 11v11 EE wars was a good idea which i participated once. . . THEN i noticed my build wasnt EE compatible.
    4. Good reply time when I shoot u guys EMAILS too.

    My ideas to better the game
    1. Improve PVP
    2. Lets get more pots out there spice up the burning pots part of the game.
    3. More mith color spells
    4. More ways to get mith. . . (PVP)
    5. We should have SEMI mods (ability to just silence people). This is because many times im on WC a noob will rant (using pure curse words) until they have no more speakers then 10min later he gets silenced. Lets try to kill the problem once it begins. :D

  4. 1. Make matches 11 vs 11 to minimize differentiation between clans.

    2. Give equipment with % based defense stats as a reward to encourage builds other than shadow hansels. This would help builds with towers defend against shadow hansels.

    3. Make a min/max clan stat sign up range. This would put all clans within an acceptable range to increase matchup likelihood.

    4. Limit leaderboard participation per roster... Stops clans from stacking top leaderboard players for fairness.

    5. Count all equipment towards match ups.


    Another Idea is this:

    In order to increase participation, instead of giving no matches do this... In a war that would be a mismatch grant the losing clan back their mithril casted and do not decrease their rancor/estoc edge level. Problem solved?
  5. Honestly, be more forthcoming about why all these no matches occur. Do a better job explaining how the hit ratios work and why so many clans are struggling to get matches.

    If T6 builds are moving out of range for gh/sh and that's causing the problems, pls say so. That way ppl can know to either stop rostering builds sh can't hit or they can stop rostering sh.
  6. Hand picked matches.. Duh
  7. What about expanding rosters instead of decreasing roster size? Season 2 had less no matches with larger rosters.
  8. plz start making roster sizes 11vs11 again. This will create more clan to war and thus giving more matches
  9. But also making the matches worse and making it easier for clans to manipulate the matching system. Which was the biggest complaint in the Chaos Wars.
  10. I suggest relaxing the no match limits by quite a bit and see if people would rather have no matches or bad matches.

    I for one would prefer to war more often and have a chance to win.
  11. @ Kaw admin (about terrors comment)

    They are easier to manipulate, however this also means it is easier to manipulate your roster to avoid more difficult opponents.

    I can't speak for everyone but I would rather lose half my wars to a good opponent then be no matched.

    People feel like they should win every war and that's why they complained about the chaos wars, when in the real world half the people lose. But at least in the chaos wars they got a chance to lose.

    In short, I would like the 11 v. 11 rosters back, or at least a disclaimer given the the weaker clan in a match-up that would be a mismatch stating: "your clan would have mismatched, would you like to accept this match?"

    That way people choose to war or to not war.


  12. Thats still better then whats happening now kaw admin. At this point ive seen more complaints about the current system then ever before. my clan poc incoming has gotten 7/8 no matches in the last 8 wars weve tried. None of us are going to be able to get to rancor lvl 50, this is also causing ppl to give up warring cuz ive seen it with my own eyes
  13. How about we move away from better match ups and focus on better gameplay. This game gets quite repetitive for long-term players, and instead of improving gameplay through fixing old problems, you try to improve it by adding new content.

    I would like to see a shift from a growth-based incentive to a more strategy-based incentive. I want to play this game and have stimulating gameplay any time I want, instead of doing mind-numbing EB's in order to save up gold in order to do anything. We also see stimulating gameplay having to cost money.

    EE wars have bad matches not only because of the system that they're signed up in, but also because of a lack of player interest. If you guys took crystals out of the system for a few weeks, you'd probably see a lot more player interest in EE. With more player interest, there's more players sticking around.

    The profits would come from players trying to perfect their build by buying nobility and crystals. The extra players would make up for the people not burning crystals in war, leading to long-term stability and growth.
  14. Smaller roster isn't gonna mean anything towards manipulating the system-- the winner of just about every war right now is determined by who was able to make a roster with 0 mids on it. Smaller rosters won't make people able to have anti-mids or negative-mids or whatever. It's already as broken as it can possibly be. So yes, smaller rosters, 15 ma

    Fix matching algorithm

    Fix plunder calculation (in war system, doesn't have to change game-wide though it certainly could and maybe even should)

    Hopefully you've seen my suggestions with regard to both of these last two

    I'm gonna be less and less informed about what needs to get fixed in the war system as time goes on. It's so utterly broken it just isn't fun, at all, anymore. Specifically since S3 started and roster size went up, it's been zero fun since then. So I don't think I'm gonna do wars anymore, which is a shame since the wars have been the most fun part of the game in the few months I've been back.

    Probably whatever you do is gonna be more of the same-- too little too late. The game will be fine and all, new people will always be signing up and they can just go ahead and build a SH and war if they want. It's just a missed opportunity to have this aspect of the game be great instead of broken and annoying as hell
  15. You have all the information
  16. No matter what devs do, someone's gonna ***** and whine about it. That being said, somethings got to change with the sheer percentage of no matchs. Loosing the no match due to "bad hit ratio" would be a start. I'm a war noob stil, and am trying to figure out the math and mechanics. But more matching, even with the potential for more mismatches has got to be an improvement over what we have now. And if Im not mistaken, a clan does have an option to withdraw or forfeit a match if they think its too much for them right?
  17. I will probably get a lot of resistance for this but here me out. It has probably been suggested in the past (will be amazed if it hasn't been suggested).

    CS limits for wars.

    Most of the gripes I have heard have been about smalls warring etc etc. What about making it so that anyone under say...7mil cs be allowed to cast WoC? Obviously this is something I wouldn't expect to see happening immediately, but I think this would actually work in the long run. The cs limit doesn't have to be at 7mil cs, but it could be higher or lower. I think it would make people actually have to think outside the box and make better builds for wars. Of course this ONLY count for raw cs, not bfe/bfa. With Escapes running rampant in many clans, 7mil cs is terribly easy to get to even if you don't purchase crystals. It's just a thought...