Official KaW Youtuber

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  1. Make sure to show lots of cleavage for more views
  2. Would be waiting the days where there will be Female KaW YouTuber 
  3. Dress up and wear a bra become the first KAW female youtuber
  4. Include all the kaw drama to make it interesting
  5. How does one combine kaw and YouTube though
  6. You film yourself repeatedly clicking a button
  7. cool idea
  8. Lol i can cut the clicking part and edit the vid
  9. LOL
    I received a message stating KaW has to rename my name due to confusion that people think i work with KaW
  10. My sister would do it, gladly.
  11. Don't edit the vid we want raw footage we want the real you the real KAW-player-Ivan
  12. Like i said, i will delete this acc soon, ima create new one
  13. Best of luck

  14. Yes yes.. Instructions on how to strip n stuff.. Yes..
  15. QuadScorpio is the mod, Eagle in YAFI.
  16. Why does she have such a familiar face….
  17. You barely started...