[Official] KaW Forum Code Guide

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by Benny, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. "[colour=blue]" omfg "[/colour]"
  2. [colour] "omfg did I do it" [/colour]
  3. Use American spelling
  4. [colour=blue] "OMFG PLZ" [/colour]
  5. Im the ultimate legend
  6. hmmm [ b]
  7. Fuk I give up this **** to hard
  8. Prokilla no spaces!!!!
  9. [q]I vote to be
    the ultimate kaw player and awesome
  10. [colour=blue]OMFG[/colour]
  11. Betcha can't write in rainbows! Lalalalalala This is so fun I love KaW and BB Codes
  12. Sorry about that that was a failure... But this is a real rainbow woohoo!
  13. [Test] test [/test]
  14. I like pwetty colorz