Official IG vs. Clan of Foxes War Experiment

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  1. Hi everyone, we've been watching this war develop and some of you have asked how we can determine the winner of a war. We would like to use this opportunity to run an experiment :)

    We will start taking hourly snapshots of IG and Clan of Foxes members. We will use these hourly snapshots over the course of 5 days to determine which side "won" each day. We will post the daily results to this forum thread.

    PLEASE NOTE: Sister clans (ie: wIGs) and friends are not going to be included in the snapshots. However, feel free to use them to help deplete the strength of the opposing side :)

    Starting at 12 a.m. PST on Tuesday Nov. 3rd, we will start tracking the total unit strength for each side (we're talking about total available UNIT attack/defense/spy attack/spy defense ONLY). Again, ONLY unit strength will be used in the calculations - not allies, not towers, not permanent items.

    We will ALSO keep track of the number of SUCCESSFUL army attacks (spy assassinations already help reduce troop counts, so will not be counted) and factor that into the formula. UPDATE: We will also factor in LOSSES into the formula as well.

    IN SHORT: You want to keep the other side's troops low every hour to win AS WELL AS have a high number of successful ARMY attacks to win!

    Each 24 hour period (1 day) we will tabulate the number of times each side out-matched the other in these stats an announce the winner. This will happen over the course of 5 days.

    AGAIN, this is only going to be a one-time experiment to collect data for the development of a new clan system. DO NOT expect us to do this again, or for other clan wars.

    Here is the official roster list. If you're on here and want to be removed, please let us know in the next 3 hours (before 12:00 a.m. PST Nov 3rd)

    *** IG ***
    1. Grumpyeric (REMOVED)
    2. xxgreenzxx
    3. Heywtf
    4. 1ATE7
    5. Evil_Elf
    6. Gfa
    7. Scrim
    8. Rajang
    9. Irisheddy (REMOVED)
    10. Wrathbane
    11. Elpis
    12. Chaodin
    13. Shadowlaw
    14. Lemmywinks
    15. Kobugi
    16. I_luv_jebus
    17. Daan
    18. Sknifer
    19. Waynes
    20. Krogglidor
    21. Chrious
    22. Zrake
    23. Jemcleod
    24. Trueblue
    25. Hansel
    26. Aqua (REMOVED)
    27. Benny
    28. ECWGuy420
    29. Juggi
    30. Milkin_Man
    31. xlSpartanzlx
    32. Nightwulf
    33. Raeki
    34. Frosste
    35. Infraderes
    36. Nova44
    37. xsoulja4christx
    38. Tibolt (REMOVED)
    39. Janqua
    40. Spong
    41. Juelz
    42. Toonboon
    43. Kool-Aid (REMOVED)
    44. Shadowtitan
    45. Ryank
    46. Deathslayer
    47. Soulript
    48. Jetfighter
    49. Lannarchy
    50. Sirdub

    *** Clan of Foxes ***
    1. AB1
    2. antir
    3. aragon
    4. assasinsapprentice
    5. assassin
    6. Bavaria
    7. Bf
    8. BigBlackKnight
    9. bigboy (REMOVED)
    10. blackwolf666
    11. blackwolf777 (REMOVED)
    12. Bladedsha
    13. buyzzmezz
    14. danthedu
    15. dashizzle
    16. DeathMonkey
    17. dexter (REMOVED)
    18. Galedor
    19. Gamehendge
    20. Ghostface
    22. HipHopkid (REMOVED)
    23. hlook
    24. kaytana
    25. KingHawkeyes
    26. KingVladthe1st
    27. LEGION
    28. Level1
    29. Lord_Corwin_of_Amber
    30. LordDrew
    31. lordofdeath (REMOVED)
    32. Lowjack
    33. Lucky
    34. maldrakes
    35. Malevolence
    36. mikec (REMOVED)
    37. minichip
    38. MrGreen
    39. Noz
    40. Octavius (REMOVED)
    41. retrak (REMOVED)
    42. Senator
    43. Silvermex
    44. SnakeEye
    45. TigerVamp (REMOVED)
    46. Trishssi
    47. ury2mex
    48. vassin
    49. xxXstXxx
    50. Zelda
    Please create a forum thread called "Official [clan name] roster"

    Please note that we will not allow you to do things like move sister clan members into the roster in order to get a numbers advantage, so please choose the top 50 members. If you do not have 50 members, we will use whatever you submit less than 50 as your roster. 50 is just the maximum we will accept for a roster. We suggest you pick your 50 strongest players :)

    PLEASE NOTE: We will only look at the lists tabulated by the clan leaders on each side. This means Infraderes for IG, and Gamehendge or KingHawkeyes for the foxes.

    Registration ends tomorrow at 9pm (Monday, November 2nd at 9pm PST). At that time we will track whatever is written for the lists.

    AGAIN, please remember that ANYONE can help you in the fight (sister clans, friends, etc.). We are ONLY taking rosters for the hourly snapshots.

    The snapshots can be taken at ANYTIME during the hour - there is no preset time when the snapshots will be taken. This is to make sure that everyone does NOT preserve their stats until the 59th minute.

    CLAN LEADERS: Please have your roster in ONE list in ONE post for us to read. Thanks.

    That should be it. Good luck to both sides - this will be fun :)
  3. NOTE: It's not just soldier counts, it's soldier strength. For example, a lvl 3 forge with 500 soldiers is worth more than a lvl 3 barracks with 500 soldiers.

    Both sides will use their sister clans/friends/overflow to help attack the primary roster targets anyways. However, there are various strategies possible. Do you take out the sister clans first before attacking the targets? Do you get your sister clan to negate the other side's sister clan?

    For other defensive measures: allies and towers don't count for stats in this experiment, but keep in mind you lose far less units if you defend successfully, so they will help anyways.

    At the end of the day this is an experiment to help us learn what works and what doesn't in terms of wars in this game. We're trying our best to figure out what will be the most fun for you guys :)
  4. With respect to the point that one side may have a strength advantage to begin with: so what? If the weaker side utilizes sister clans more effectively or has better strategy/coordination, they have a chance to win. Either way, the stronger clan worked hard to get their advantage, and they would've had that advantage whether or not we decided to help keep track of this war.
  5. This won't turn out to be a sit-and-wait war. Only the powerful players can really keep the other powerful players locked down.
  6. We have revised the original posting. Please re-read it again before replying. In response to your feedback we will also take into account the number of SUCCESSFUL army attacks in addition to the troop/spy strength every hour. We won't count successful spy attacks since they will help reduce the troop counts anyways.

  7. Not the hourly snapshots. We will post the winner at the end of every 24 hour period.
  8. Spy builds are still extremely useful. They can assassinate the enemy which means their troop numbers go down.
  9. Kaw, but still is it damaging our team having less spies?

    Waaah why do spys always get the bad option :(
  10. No, let me clarify. Spies will still be EXTREMELY useful in this war. If you read the way we are doing snapshots you'll see why. The best combination is probably a good mix of both army and spy builds.
  11. Clan registration ends in 8 hours. That's 9 p.m. PST. The war starts at 12 a.m. PST on November 3rd.

    Between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. you can request to be removed from the clan if you've discovered you have been added incorrectly.
  12. Please watch this thread for updates/announcements regarding the war.
    Today marked the first of five days of war between the IG and Fox clans. The IG clan started off with a base stat advantage against the slightly weaker Fox clan.

    The war began at the beginning of the day at midnight PST. Both armies fought valiantly before slumber approached.

    The IG clan unleashed a wave of attacks and destroyed the Fox clan in the first hour. In the second hour the Fox clan rallied and claimed victory. This back-and-forth would happen all day, a battle that swung wildly in the IG's favor one hour and the Fox clan's the next.

    However, the fighting really began in earnest again later in the day. Both sides began highly organized efforts to lock down each other. The first day of battle was extremely close, but the IG clan took two casualties in the form of Aqua and Kool-Aid, hurting their war roster greatly.

    At the end of the first day of battle, the victor is....

    The Clan of Foxes!

    Total hourly wins for the clan of Foxes: 13
    Total hourly wins for the IG clan: 11

    An interesting note: Full-out warrior or spy builds, while great at generating income, do not perform well in war compared to mixed warrior/spy builds ;)

    Congratulations to the Clan of Foxes! Remember, while there are 5 days of war possible, whichever side reaches 3 daily wins (best of 5) first will claim victory.
    Today's war results are in early since one side has already gathered enough hourly wins to win the daily victory :)

    Riding on the success of the first day's victory, the Clan of Foxes managed to gather an impressive lead during the wee
    hours of Pacific Standard Time morning and early afternoon. Both sides saw numerous lockdowns and vicious battles took
    place. However, with renewed intensity the IG clan rallied and managed to take the afternoon and evening hourly victories.

    The Clan of Foxes suffered four war casualties from their roster today, which hurt their war effort greatly.

    There are no MVP's today, since both sides have many players that dealt enormous amounts of damage. It appears that the clan
    war machines are starting to figure out a cohesive war strategy :)

    At the end of the second day of battle, the victor is...

    The IG Clan!

    Congratulations to the IG clan and their sister clans/allies. This brings the daily score to a 1-1 tie. Remember, while there are 5 days of war possible, whichever side reaches 3 daily wins (best of 5) first will claim victory.
    Today's battle was even more intense than the previous days! More soldiers, spies and items were used than any daily battle EVER waged on KaW!

    Noticing that they lost the early morning hours on previous days, IG's assault at the beginning of the day was intense, and they took an early lead.

    However, also noticing that they lost in the evening hours on previous days, the Clan of Foxes mounted a coordinated war effort that shook the game to its core. Massive amounts of soldiers were slain, entire guilds of spies were detected and the ground was scarred with the fires and effects of massive item use.

    The late evening hours really decided today's battle, with a back-and-forth war being waged. Today's hourly results were the CLOSEST they've ever been, with both sides almost fighting each other to a tie on many occasions. Hourly victories were won by mere inches, rather than being commanding leads.

    At the end of the day, the winner of today's battle is...

    The IG Clan!

    While the Clan of Foxes had the most severe hourly wins, completely locking down entire groups of IG members at some points, the IG clan simply won more hourly battles. Today was a battle of endurance and persistence.

    At the end of the day, the result is 13-11 for the IG clan.

    Congratulations to the IG clan and their sister clans/allies!

    MVP Announcement
    Today there were a few players responsible for being parts of exceptionally coordinated groups and dealing large amounts of damage to the opposing side.

    Today's Clan of Foxes MVP: assassin
    Today's IG Clan MVP: GrumpyEric
    Today's Mercenary MVP: SleepAssassin

    NOTE: We will NOT always announce daily MVP's.

    This brings the total war score to 2-1 for the IG clan. The war is best out of 5 daily battles.

    We are reporting today's results early as a clear winner has already been determined. In fact, unlike previous days, today's battle wasn't even close. One clan completely outmatched the other round after round.

    Today's winner is...

    The Clan of Foxes!

    Even after suffering multiple war roster losses, the Clan of Foxes managed to beat the IG clan in troop losses, stat velocity, win/loss ratio, absolute wins and absolute losses. That must have been quite a rally by the Foxes :p

    Congratulations Clan of Foxes!

    Today's hourly score was 18-6 Clan of Foxes. In fact, most of the hourly losses for the Foxes came from when a person from their war roster quit. To make up for the early results, we counted two extra snapshots from today. The score without the two extra snapshots is 17-5 for the Clan of Foxes.

    This brings the daily victory score to a 2-2 tie. Tomorrow will decide the victor in the war!
    Today marked the last of five grueling days of war between the IG and Fox clans. The IG clan, coming off of yesterday's defeat, fought hard in the early hours of the morning.

    However, the Clan of Foxes rallied and viciously attacked the IG clan throughout the day.

    At the end of the final day of battle, at the end of the First Great War, the clan who will hold their banner up in victory is...

    The Clan of Foxes!

    Congratulations to the Clan of Foxes! The final hourly score for today was 15-9 in favor of the Foxes. This brings the total daily score to 3-2. Clan of Foxes wins!


    In the beginning the IG clan, while caught by surprise during the first day, was expertly organized and attacked in vicious groups to lock down their Clan of Foxes targets. Organizational skills served them well, and contributed in a major way to their two successive victories against the Clan of Foxes.

    However, the Clan of Foxes outnumbered the IG players. While their organizational structure wasn't as efficient as the IG clan in the beginning, the Clan of Foxes eventually developed an innovative and devastatingly effective target communication system that helped bring victory in the 4th and 5th days of the war.

    Another factor that aided the Clan of Foxes was their massive recruiting drive. Their sister clans and outreach to mercenary kingdoms helped their cause immensely. In short - it pays to maintain ties to other kingdoms and alliances!

    In the end, it came down to the IG's experience and wealth versus the sheer number of Fox clan members. While generally less experienced than the IG Clan, the Foxes learned fast. Their efficient targeting system and sheer numbers eventually brought the IG clan down. However, the IG clan managed to hold their own - a loss of 3-2 against a much larger clan is a testament to the skill displayed by the IG's.

    Both sides displayed amazing endurance - we witnessed 24+ hour activity from BOTH sides. Both sides must be lacking in sleep - now you can all rest :)

    It should be noted that, unlike some suggest, number of wins did NOT help as often as locking down players. In fact, a weaker player dropping off of their war roster usually meant a WIN for the other side.

    At the end of the day, both clans deserve respect for their endurance and smart use of tactics in the war. There should be no bad blood based on the results of the war - each clan had their own strengths and weaknesses but were fairly evenly matched - we suspect that if another war was held in the future it could go either way :)

    Congratulations to both the IG Clan and Clan of Foxes, the two most powerful clans on KaW!
  18. Again, congratulations to both teams!
  19. We will also announce the winning side's MVP's.

    The MVP's for today, in no particular order, are:


    Congratulations Fox MVP's!
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