Official Fan Kit

Discussion in 'Fan Creations' started by [ATA]Grant, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. Looking to create your own fan content? We’ve got a handy fan kit filled with art assets that you can use in your own fan creations.

    Grab it here.
    (You'll need to visit the link from a PC as the Kit is contained in a ZIP file)
  2. Sounds promising. I'll get it later :)
  4. Only joking, good pack. ️
  5. Thanks I will try it out soon
  6. Can you update it with all of the Blood Rains, Time Trials, and both premium EBs?
  7. Would be good if you could update it with the pictures of all spells. Would be really handy in making my guides. Thanks!
  8. Thanx Sunkan!
  9. Probably was cf agreement or something like that
  10. Someone run a security test first plz
  11. Why would a developer post something for us to download that contains a virus?
  12. Bcoz its kaw
  13. Good answer 
  14. It doesn't cost anything?? Lol
  15. Viewed just fine on phone. ES Explorer is what i used
  16. weird that this got more posts than when it was released a year ago. what the hell is this anyway? i'm not downloading it to check.

    because someone said it had a virus. :lol: