Off-system PVP rewards

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  1. Just an idea, I thought maybe take away EE (or keep it, but it's kind of y'know... ****** up) and to keep the Mithril system going along with the war equipment, have it drop as a low chance on Battle List hits.
    For example, hit someone for a 0.2% chance at an equipment drop (or less) and 2% at a Mithril drop (between 7 and 15 Mithril per drop, random). Hitting those smaller than you, say 3m below your cs, cuts the chance of drops in half, while hitting those ABOVE gives 1.5 BETTER chance. To prevent easy winnings :p.
    Yes you can crystal, you can do anything within off system PVP limits. Because that's what it is. The only requirement is that you HAVE to hit the battle list, FROM the list. Don't hit from players profile - only the actual list. Check the stats, sure.
    That's my idea... The percentage rate if drops I came up with should NOT be increased, it needs to be difficult, and the more you have to work, the more hits will be made, and that what we all want. :p

    As for those like me, who've won either nothing or very little from EE, don't whine. You won't get anything even if EE is kept, unless you make your way into top 5 clans. So calm your pissy nipples and give yourself and others a chance.

  2. Guess what...
    It wont happen 
  3. Yea. But you have to make sure it's BATTLE LIST screen only that you get the ability to get a drop. Otherwise people can search for their own Alts or friends to hit
  4. Way too high of a mith drop. Maybe 2% drop but only 1-2 mith. 7-15 is a huge drop man, xtal once and you have ~15 mith
  5. Val, I already explained that in my post, read again bro.
    And yes, lower the actual drop amount by a bit, 4-6?
  6. Support I like the idea
  7. This would be awesome
  8. Oh. It was totez TL;DR. So I just skimmed through
  9. Keep showing your support, apparently the developers have done some work in this area but showing support to this idea never hurt :p
  10. Don't necessarily have to be BL only. Could work for strips also. Same principle as op suggests except mith would only drop if the defender has x amount of gold out making farming ur own alt to costly
  11. It's not on EE though, and that's good enough for me to call it off system 
  12. Good idea New. Are you suggesting that for example, if a player has a large amount of gold out, such as 250b, they would yield the same drop rate as a battle list hit?
  13. Yes. Whatever amount of gold it would take to prevent abuse whether it's 250b or 1t. Let's just get some pvp incentives in place ASAP