off system farms for pvp

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  1. List any and all off system farms for pvp blitz

    I'll start.

    A10 big hansel
  2. Yeh no thanks
  3. II-LEGION-II__RighteousKill___

    Link on -grizzy-'s wall
  4. Don't be lazy. Find your own
  5. Really in the spirit of pvp. Great stuff. The first time they ran this kind of event there was no option to opt in.

    It was just everyone was all in no choice about it. Hit or be hit.
  6. Everyone enjoys kaw their own way, aren't you big on this skinny?
  7. This has been done before for earlier pvps, which is fine for that one.

    But then names get recorded for posterity, lazy people look at that list for the next pvp and attack without looking...before that person has opted in! If they opt-in at all.

    Kudos to all who open.
  8. I love plunder warsÓźĄ

  9. Haha your not in pvp so shut up you fairy
  10. And since they started the opt in skinny has not cast once. He/she would rather pick on noobs or fail scout bomb and report your name to dev like some butt hurt school girl.

    Honestly in my 25 years of online gaming skinny has to be the biggest loser I ever seen. It has tried to farm me about 10 times over the last two years and it usually goes 2-3 days of failed scouts , xstal after I pin it for another volly of scouting to just disappear once again.

    Just once I like to see " I will farm you forever" last more than 72 hours
  11. That's your own quote dude. You turned up after a year of getting your ass kicked and 2 forced name changes and said you were going to farm me forever.

    Take your own advice idiot.

    You're a joke. Let it go and move on.

    Or take your own advice and farm me forever if you can.

  12. Oh and spooky. There was no online gaming 25 years ago.
  13. You're wrong ;)

    Such a ditzy gamer gril
  14. Shots
  15. no, he isnt big..
  16. not even mid-sized
  17. Stay on topic and gimme ur targets