off event 5pm war

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  1. Suggest for an additional war to be scheduled daily at 5pm. Rotate between indi wars and LL war every other day, this war does not give event rewards. The whole purpose of this is for players to learn how to war without the pressure of event rewards/LB war ranking being on the line.

    Im suggesting mith either be disabled or NOT REFUNDED so players do not abuse this war simply for mith, even though refunding mith would incentivize doing this war some players, other players who have no actual interest in EE wars might use it just to cast mith and leave. I dont see it not being refunded being a huge issue, because generally only smaller sized players that really benefit from mith and mith is cheap at their size. Anyways hope this get support thanks for reading
  2. will people be hitting each other? if so no support. we shouldnt promote people hitting each other. there are enough bad people called farmers already. They will hit you more than 5x in 24 hours. thats just SOOO mean 
  3. Hold down the app on home screen and press red x.
  4. Northern op name chenge
    Don't even know who this poop is either
  5. Why would anyone do a war without rewards?
  6. Support.

    Also, I support this idea. Might be beneficial for war newbies to be able to learn something before hopping into event, or just to see which type of war they prefer.
  7. Stop trying to coat things in cotton wool. Everyone learns the same way, in the deep end.
    The point of indi was for this exact reason and it still is the perfect platform to learn to war. Event hunters getting peed at noobs wanting to learn need to suck it up.
    Noobs need to cast woc, the rest of us need to help them.
  8. This thread is on my list of all time stupid ideas, who wants to learn outside of event ? If you are learning you clearly don't care about event lb to start with. You might not make your clanmates happy  is that what this is about? Did you get stuck with a newb? Also no one needs mith that badly, mith is so easy to get